Porsche Boss Wiedeking Expects Higher Profits

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Porsche Boss Wiedeking Expects Higher Profits
Porsche Boss Wiedeking Expects Higher Profits

Video: Porsche Boss Wiedeking Expects Higher Profits

Video: Porsche Boss Wiedeking Expects Higher Profits

Wendelin Wiedeking expects another record year for Porsche. In addition to higher profits, sales and turnover should also reach new records.

Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking expects a higher profit for the Stuttgart sports car manufacturer than in the record year before. He expects a "very high level of income," said Wiedeking on Monday evening at the vehicle presentation of the new Cayman in Königstein near Frankfurt.

Record profit last year

In the 2004/05 financial year (July 31), Porsche had a record profit of 1.24 billion euros. Wiedeking confirmed that new records would also be achieved in terms of sales and turnover.

The CEO of Dr. Ing hcF Porsche AG repeated his forecast that the sports car manufacturer will sell well over 90,000 vehicles in the 2005/06 financial year ending at the end of July. “Whether we will break the 100,000 mark for the first time is not an issue for us,” emphasized the car manager. It doesn't matter whether Porsche will take this hurdle in this or the coming fiscal year. For him, the following applies: "Returns come before quantities."

Yield before quantities

In any case, he does not expect the next big leap in sales figures for three years, when the new four-door Panamera sports coupé will hit the market. He is assuming sales of at least 20,000 units - "maybe a few more," said Wiedeking. “In any case, the model range from Porsche will be placed on an even broader basis and the company will be even more robust against fluctuations in international sales markets. In the first ten months, Porsche increased vehicle sales by 14.2 percent to 79,564 units. Sales had climbed to 5.96 billion euros (plus 15.3 percent) at the end of May.

Wiedeking emphasized that Porsche is currently not looking at a fifth model series after the Panamera as the fourth series. "We have to do our homework first and then we can see what we will do in the future." The Panamera, of which the first prototypes will be ready shortly, is currently tying up all the developers' strengths.

Cayenne sales are expected to decline

Regarding the declining sales of the sporty off-road vehicle Cayenne (minus 16.3 percent in ten months), the Porsche boss said that this was expected in the fourth year of production - the plan was well on the way. It is important to closely interlink the model cycles of the individual series in order to be able to maintain a good result.

The Cayenne is also selling very well in emerging markets such as China and Russia. There growth will only be slowed down by the construction of further Porsche centers, which has yet to take place. In China, Porsche will more than double its sales from 500 to 1200 cars in the current fiscal year.

In Königstein, one year after the Cayman S was launched, Wiedeking presented a weaker version of the sports car with 245 hp. In 2006/2007 he expects Cayman sales of around 15,000 vehicles. With the mid-engine coupe, Porsche is reaching a significantly younger clientele, who also mostly switch from other car manufacturers.