BMW Is Switching To Electric Drive

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BMW Is Switching To Electric Drive
BMW Is Switching To Electric Drive

Video: BMW Is Switching To Electric Drive

Video: BMW Is Switching To Electric Drive
Video: The best use of fully electric driving. BMW Electric. 2023, September

BMW is pushing the electric drive. CEO Harald Krüger also wants to electrify vehicles outside of the existing "i" series. There will also be changes to the board of directors.

According to a newspaper report, the car manufacturer BMW is planning a new electric car strategy and restructuring of the executive board. Group boss Harald Krüger wants to offer a whole series of models of already existing series with electric drive, reported the "Handelsblatt", citing corporate circles. The company did not want to comment on the report at the request of the German Press Agency.

So far, BMW has primarily relied on electric cars in its “i” series with carbon fiber bodies. The new strategy should be presented to the supervisory board at the end of September, writes the "Handelsblatt". BMW is reacting to the US electric car pioneer Tesla and the plans of the German competition.

Krüger brings sales directors together

According to information from the newspaper, BMW boss Krüger also relies on restructuring the board of directors in his strategy swing. The sales departments of BMW and Mini are to be merged.

In addition, the manager Nicolas Peter, who was previously responsible for European sales, is to move into the board as the new CFO and successor to Friedrich Eichiner, who is retiring for reasons of age. "Manager Magazin" reported on this in May.

Daimler and VW are also pushing the electric strategy

The competitors of the Munich company recently concretized their electric car plans: VW CEO Matthias Müller only announced on Sunday to “Bild am Sonntag” that Volkswagen would offer 30 electrically powered models in 2020.

In mid-June, Müller had already forecast that around 20 to 25 percent of total sales should be achieved with electric cars in 2025. And BMW's direct competitor Daimler wants to sell a six-digit number of electric cars annually from 2020. (dpa)