Brexit Slows Audi A Little

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Brexit Slows Audi A Little
Brexit Slows Audi A Little

Video: Brexit Slows Audi A Little

Video: Brexit Slows Audi A Little
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The Brexit vote dampened Audi's growth a little. In return, the VW subsidiary from Ingolstadt was able to grow in the most important single market in China by almost double digits.

The VW upper class subsidiary Audi was slowed down by a drop in sales in Great Britain in July. Since the number of Audi cars sold on the island fell by almost ten percent in the first full month after the Brexit vote, the increase in sales in July was below that of the previous months. In July, 149,400 Audis were sold 2.3 percent more than a year ago, the company announced on Thursday in Ingolstadt.

“We are currently experiencing numerous economic and political challenges in important markets. Despite these increasingly difficult framework conditions, global demand for Audi models has developed steadily, said Sales Director Dietmar Voggenreiter.

Audi is making significant gains in China

In Great Britain, sales fell by almost ten percent to 11,554, after having risen by around four percent in the first six months. Among other things, the model change in the A3 is behind the decline, it said from Audi. Gained significantly Audi in China, where 46,454 vehicles with almost ten percent more than were sold a year ago.

"With our three strong regional pillars - our business in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific - we are well positioned to balance market fluctuations globally," continued Voggenreiter.

Audi remains behind BMW and Daimler

For the first seven months, Audi saw a total increase in sales of 5.2 percent to just over 1.1 million cars. Audi had to let BMW and Daimler move on. The Munich arch-rival sold almost 1.14 million BMW brand vehicles in the first seven months, 5.6 percent more than a year ago.

Number one in the luxury class is currently Daimler with the cars of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Stuttgart-based company was able to increase Mercedes sales in the first seven months by almost twelve percent to 1.17 million. (AG / dpa)