Winter Tires Are Becoming Scarce

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Winter Tires Are Becoming Scarce
Winter Tires Are Becoming Scarce

Video: Winter Tires Are Becoming Scarce

Video: Winter Tires Are Becoming Scarce
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The upcoming VAT and the change in the law have increased the demand for winter tires. Experts therefore advise you to hurry when changing tires.

According to the Federal Association of Tire Trade and Vulcanization Trades (BRV), winter tires are in short supply. The impending increase in VAT and the mandatory winter tires included in the road traffic regulations would have led to a strong increase in demand. "Many dealers already have problems getting tires," said managing director Peter Hülzer on Tuesday of the dpa in Bonn.

Inexpensive products almost sold out

If it gets really cold, this situation is likely to worsen. In the case of inexpensive products in particular, the warehouse has already been partially cleared. Missing winter exemption can recently result in warning fees and even a point in the Flensburg central register.

"I'm slowly no longer able to understand the industry," said Hülzer. Around 1.5 million more winter tires were produced for this season, but that is nowhere near enough. “You could count on this run on winter tires,” said Hülzer. However, the industry apparently hesitated because it was not clear whether the “greed is cool” mentality would continue or whether the sales tax frenzy forecast by the Society for Consumer Research would come about.

Bottlenecks in assemblies

Hülzer also advises drivers to hurry because, in addition to delivery bottlenecks, there are already waiting times for assembly dates. "Some dealers are booked out a week in advance, and when it gets cold, customers may have to wait up to three weeks for a workshop appointment."

In addition, it is possible that prices will rise due to the scarcity. "So far the prices have been slightly above the previous year's level," said Hülzer, in whose association 1,800 dealers nationwide with a total of 3,500 branches are organized. “The industry has increased prices by an average of three percent.

Less summer tires

He assumes that the frugality of many motorists is currently also reflected in the spring. "Many just kept on using their old winter tires." That is why a million fewer summer tires were sold this year. Overall, the estimated total sales for 2006 at almost 48 million tires are slightly above the previous year's level. "We could probably sell more if we had more," said Hülzer.