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Advent Mood On The Streets

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Advent Mood On The Streets
Advent Mood On The Streets

Video: Advent Mood On The Streets

Video: Advent Mood On The Streets

On the second weekend in Advent, the traffic on the streets will be just as typical. While there are hardly any delays to be expected on the highways, you should not use your car on the way into the city center.

According to ADAC, the Christmas markets and department stores will be visited on the second weekend of Advent. The Traffic Club therefore advises not to drive into the city center and to switch to local public transport, as not enough parking spaces are expected in addition to high traffic volumes.

Few construction sites impede traffic

While the inner cities will be full, according to ADAC, the national highways should remain rather quiet. There should only be short delays in front of the remaining construction sites. The following routes are mainly being built:

• A 1 Cologne - Dortmund and Bremen - Hamburg

• A 2 Dortmund - Hanover

• A 3 Würzburg - Frankfurt - Cologne

• A 4 Erfurt - Chemnitz

• A 5 Basel - Karlsruhe

• A 7 Kassel - Hanover

• A 8 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Munich

• A 9 Halle / Leipzig - Berlin

• A 19 Rostock - Wittstock

• A 45 Gießen - Hagen

Before starting your journey, you should call up the traffic jam reporter on the Autogazette in order to prevent possible delays in advance. The traffic jam indicator on the Autogazette is updated every five minutes. (AG)

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