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Standstill At Pentecost

Standstill At Pentecost
Standstill At Pentecost

Video: Standstill At Pentecost

Video: Standstill At Pentecost
Video: June 8, 2014 "The Power of Pentecost" Pastor Howard-John Wesley 2023, June

Anyone who is traveling by car this coming weekend has to be very patient. Travelers have to take into account a large number of traffic jams.

Drivers have to be prepared for full roads on the coming weekend of Pentecost. In addition to the Whitsun days, this is ensured by the start of the holidays in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and the end of the holidays in Hamburg and Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, there is a day off from school on the day after Whitsun in Berlin, Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. This leads to crowded streets, especially on Friday and Saturday. According to the ADAC, traffic jams are to be expected on the following routes:

trunk roads to the North and Baltic Sea

A 1 Cologne - Dortmund - Bremen - Lübeck

A 2 Dortmund - Hanover - Berlin

A 3 Oberhausen - Frankfurt - Nuremberg

A 4 Kirchheimer Dreieck - Erfurt - Dresden

A 5 Kassel - Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Basel

A 6 Mannheim - Heilbronn - Nuremberg - Pilsen

A 7 Hamburg - Flensburg

A 7 Hamburg - Hanover - Würzburg - Füssen / Reutte

A 8 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburg

A 9 Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin

A 10 Berliner Ring

A 11 Berliner Ring - Uckermark triangle

A 19 Wittstock - Rostock

A 19 motorway triangle 24 Berlin - Wittstock motorway triangle

A 61 Mönchengladbach - Koblenz

A 81 Stuttgart - Singen

A 93 Inntaldreieck - Kufstein

A 95 / B 2 Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

A 96 Munich - Lindau

A 99 Munich bypass

With a view to the neighboring countries, there will be slow-moving traffic, especially at the Tauern tunnel on the A10 in Austria. In addition to the Tauern route, the Inntal, Brenner, Rheintal and Karawanken autobahns as well as the Fernpass route and the Arlberg expressway are tight. The ADAC also expects high traffic volumes on all major motorways in Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. (AG)

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