Used Citroen C3: Squeaking Included

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Used Citroen C3: Squeaking Included
Used Citroen C3: Squeaking Included

Video: Used Citroen C3: Squeaking Included

Video: Used Citroen C3: Squeaking Included
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Anyone interested in a Citroen C3 as a used car should take a closer look. The Frenchman is burdened with a number of shortcomings.

With the successor to the Saxo, Citroen not only changed the name of its small car, but also fundamentally changed its design. The

Citroen C3 came on the market in 2002 and was mostly round. But the little Frenchman still has rough edges, especially as a used car.

Body: There is space for two adults and two children over a length of 3.80 meters. Thanks to the height of 1.51 meters, the headroom is very good and even basketball players don't get any abrasions on their heads. The short overhangs, which make parking a breeze, are also an advantage. The trunk swallows at least 305 liters and with the rear bench seat folded down up to 1,310 liters. This even makes a large purchase or a small move possible. The shelves are sufficient. The instrumentation with the digital speedometer and the rev counter is divided into small parts and takes getting used to.

Citroen C3 with seven engine variants

Drive: Seven engine variants were offered for the C3 between 2002 and 2009, four of which were gasoline engines with an output between 44 kW / 60 PS and 80 kW / 109 PS. A good choice is the 1.4-liter gasoline engine with 54 kW / 73 PS, which also pushes the little French quickly when it is full. Because the C3 was usually bought as a typical city car, the 1.1-liter base engine is more likely to be found on the used car market. Those who aim for torque and powerful acceleration with low consumption at the same time choose one of the three diesels, whose output is between 50 kW / 68 PS and 80 kW / 109 PS. The middle 1.4-liter four-cylinder with 66 kW / 90 hp is a good compromise, but initially no soot filter was installed, so that a green sticker does not automatically stick to the front of the window. City dwellers with restricted areas should be aware of this. The 109 hp diesel will be available with a soot filter as standard from 2005. Problems with the mechanics are little known. However, the electronics make the C3 to create. These include defective generators and power windows as well as errors in engine management.

Equipment and safety: A small car is designed for the city and not for long tours. This has advantages such as maneuverability, but also disadvantages such as long-distance comfort. The C3 tries to compensate for the comfort, at least in the seats, with very soft foams, which can, however, wear out over the years. An extensive seat sample is therefore a must. The complete equipment and the high level of security are also typically French. Depending on the model and version, there are up to eight airbags on board. In the EuroNCAP crash test, the C3 was able to convince with four out of five stars.

Lots of quality problems

The quality: Anyone who buys a used C3 must have enough inner peace. Because over the years it creaks and creaks in the beams. Rattling is also not uncommon. It is particularly bad with the Pluriel convertible sedan, which also has leaks and poor workmanship on the roof. The little Frenchman cannot convince with the TÜV report. You rarely encounter rust on the frame and chassis of the C3, but the exhaust crumbles quickly and after five years the silencers are at risk of rusting. The test engineers often encounter worn axles, wear on the steering, incontinence in the engine and faults in the lighting. The foot brake also causes problems, especially the brake discs come off quickly. The brake hoses, on the other hand, do not cause concern.

Conclusion: The C3 is available from around 2,000 euros. However, these costs will not remain. The next repair is imminent after the next TÜV appointment - and it can be expensive, because the C3 has its rough edges. If you still fell in love with the round shape, you should look out for a well-maintained garage vehicle with little mileage and a thick repair folder. (SP-X)