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Opel Convertible Receives A Cloth Cap

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Opel Convertible Receives A Cloth Cap
Opel Convertible Receives A Cloth Cap

Video: Opel Convertible Receives A Cloth Cap

Video: Opel Convertible Receives A Cloth Cap
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Opel continues its convertible tradition. The new Open will come very close to the Astra, there is still no name for the four-seater from the compact class.

From the end of 2013, Opel plans to send a new convertible into the race to win the favor of customers who love fresh air. The open top compact class with a folding roof will compete against VW Eos and Renault Mégane CC, reports the British magazine "Autocar". This would tie the brand with the lightning bolt on to the long tradition of the Kadett convertible.

Fabric instead of steel

The first draft from the pen of Opel chief designer Mark Adams shows a puristic four-seater concept. According to the report, the wheelbase corresponds to that of the Astras. At first glance, however, there is a significantly larger overhang at the rear. There is room for the soft top without affecting the trunk or the footwell in the rear. The company does not confirm that the new model is supposed to be a direct Astra offshoot, as the magazine reports. The choice of name is also still open. What is certain, however, is that the open-top Opel is more than just a mind game and will definitely be built. "We already had successful convertible models on the market, we don't currently have any. In this respect, it is only logical that we want to include one in the range again",such a company spokesman on request.

With the decision to use fabric instead of steel for the soft top, the Rüsselsheim-based company would be right on trend. The classic fabric top is currently experiencing a renaissance across the industry. For example, VW is also relying on the classic cloth cap for the rebirth of its recently introduced Golf Cabrio. The Audi convertible A3 also does not have a steel folding roof. With the current 1 Series Convertible, BMW also uses a soft top instead of a metal roof.

Fabric hood in the spirit of the times

There are also technical reasons for the market success of soft-top convertibles, which are clearly in keeping with the spirit of the times: Compared to its predecessor "TwinTop", which was presented in 2006, the non-steel roof construction of the new Opel convertible is lighter, simpler and more cost-effective to produce.

Even the "big butt" often criticized in convertible convertibles should no longer stand in the way of the aesthetic demands of outdoor purists. The traditional disadvantages of a fabric top, namely its high susceptibility to wind noise and leakage problems that arise after a few years, are no longer major problems due to advances in materials research. (Mid)

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