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Speeders Are Asked To Pay More

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Speeders Are Asked To Pay More
Speeders Are Asked To Pay More

Video: Speeders Are Asked To Pay More

Video: Speeders Are Asked To Pay More
Video: Live PD: A Teen with a Need for Speed (Season 3) | A&E 2023, May

Traffic violations will become more expensive in the coming year. The Federal Council has approved the new catalog of fines. Traffic offenders have to be prepared for drastic penalties.

Traffic offenders will be asked to pay more in the coming year. From being run over in red lights to turfing, jostling and unauthorized car races, the fine is sometimes increased drastically. The Federal Council approved the federal government's new fines catalog on Friday without discussion. If the speed is too high, the fine can be up to 680 euros in built-up areas and 600 euros outside of the city. Instead of February 1, as planned by the federal government, the majority of states consider a later date to be likely.

No stricter point regulation

Before that, the amendment to the Road Traffic Act had to come into force, which the Bundestag and Bundesrat had not discussed at all, the states determined at the request of Lower Saxony. This legislation could be significantly delayed. Among other things, this is intended to double the fines that are possible in extreme cases: to 3,000 euros for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs and to 2,000 euros for other deliberate crimes.

The new catalog should dispense with stricter regulations in the Flensburg traffic offenders register and longer driving bans than today. It does not include the tightening of fines originally planned by Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) for parking violations or when using a mobile phone to make calls while driving.

Violations such as driving in the red or with unsafe vehicles are to be punished more than before. If the intersection is crossed in a red phase lasting more than a second, this will result in a future fine of 200 instead of the previous 125 euros. If people are endangered, it costs 320 instead of 200 euros. If there is property damage, it is even 360 instead of 200 euros. If you don't stop at the green arrow before turning right, you will have to shell out € 70 instead of € 50.

Doubled fines

If alcohol or drugs are involved, today's fines are usually doubled: the first time to 500 euros and the second time to 1000 euros. Anyone who is caught a third time should then normally have to pay 1,500 and in extreme cases even up to 3,000 euros in accordance with the increased fine. In these cases, the driving bans last for up to three months.

The fines for pushers are determined in a complicated way. For example, if the distance to the vehicle in front is 24 meters on a 100 km / h drive, this will cost 75 instead of 40 euros in future. If it shortens to less than 5 meters, 320 instead of 200 euros are due. Anyone who stays less than 10 meters away at 200 kilometers per hour will be punished with 400 instead of 250 euros. (dpa)

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