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Slump In Sales Of Commercial Vehicles

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Slump In Sales Of Commercial Vehicles
Slump In Sales Of Commercial Vehicles

Video: Slump In Sales Of Commercial Vehicles

Video: Slump In Sales Of Commercial Vehicles
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The demand for commercial vehicles has decreased significantly. Compared to October last year, sales fell by 17 percent.

For the sixth month in a row, the demand for commercial vehicles in Europe has fallen. The European manufacturers' association ACEA announced on Tuesday in Brussels that new registrations fell by 17.0 percent compared to the previous year. Sales declines were recorded in both Western Europe and the new EU countries. The decline in Western Europe was 17.5 percent. In Eastern Europe, demand fell by 13.3 percent.

Transporters particularly affected

As in the previous months, sales fell the most for vans up to 3.5 tons. The number of new registrations in the EU and the EFTA states fell by 18.3 percent to 163,726. In Western Europe, demand fell by 19.3 percent, while the decrease in the new EU countries was 10.0 percent.

The demand for medium and heavy trucks, on the other hand, fell much more sharply in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. Across Europe, new registrations in the weight class over 3.5 tons fell by 13.8 percent to 36,519 vehicles. In Eastern Europe, demand collapsed by 31 percent. In Western Europe, the number of trucks sold in this weight class fell by 10.5 percent. The Netherlands, Denmark and France, among others, went against the trend.

Heavy trucks are also not in demand

The picture for heavy trucks over 16 tonnes was similar to that for medium and heavy trucks. Across Europe, registrations fell by 14.4 percent to 26,479 vehicles. In Western Europe demand fell by 12.3 percent, in Eastern Europe it fell by 26.3 percent. In contrast, the demand for buses increased significantly. Across Europe, this market posted an increase of 13.9 percent to 3,873 new registrations. (dpa)

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