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Effective Conviction Of Tempo Sinners

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Effective Conviction Of Tempo Sinners
Effective Conviction Of Tempo Sinners

Video: Effective Conviction Of Tempo Sinners

Video: Effective Conviction Of Tempo Sinners
Video: How Tempo VST Works 2023, June

The new radar traps from Vitronic can only be seen sporadically in Germany. But the futuristic enforcement trailers quickly get to know razors.

Germany's speedsters have to be prepared for the next generation of speedometers: In various federal states, including Hesse and Brandenburg, new flash units are being tested that are intended to be particularly effective in catching speed sinners. The futuristic-looking enforcement trailers from Vitronic in Wiesbaden can, for example, be used at accident blackspots where it would be too dangerous for the police to carry out mobile measurements.

For example, at motorway construction sites or bridges to be rehabilitated with temporary speed limits, there is often no infrastructure necessary to ensure compliance with the speed limit with a stationary speed camera. However, a permanent mobile structure can be too dangerous or costly.

Battery lasts five days

The enforcement trailer is self-sufficient: its battery lasts for five days with uninterrupted measurement operations, and the case data is encrypted and transmitted via a modem. With laser measurement technology, all vehicles can be recorded simultaneously across multiple lanes. Variable speed limits as well as driving bans according to time, lane and vehicle class can also be monitored.

According to the manufacturer, you can move the trailer with any car with a trailer coupling. So that it is not simply stolen, it is lowered when measuring, so that the wheels disappear into the armored and, by the way, bulletproof outer shell. In addition, a built-in alarm system should protect the speed camera from vandalism.

According to Vitronic, the trailer has been in operation since 2015tested in various federal states and now also used. Foreign authorities are also flashing with the new technology: France recently ordered 100 more, following an order of 150 last year. (SP-X)

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