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Warning Of Disability Is Sufficient

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Warning Of Disability Is Sufficient
Warning Of Disability Is Sufficient

Video: Warning Of Disability Is Sufficient

Video: Warning Of Disability Is Sufficient
Video: If Only Someone Had Warned Us 2023, May

Vehicle damage caused by dissolved asphalt is usually not replaced by the federal government. After receiving a warning, road users must adapt their driving style to the conditions.

Drivers cannot assume that vehicle damage will always be replaced by dissolved asphalt. That said the traffic lawyer Volker Lempp from the Auto Club Europa (ACE) in Stuttgart. “First of all, the principle applies: roads are to be accepted as they are. Every driver has to adapt his driving style to the respective road conditions,”explained Lempp.

Timely warning is enough

At the beginning of the week, palm-sized bubbles had formed in the asphalt on the A 20 motorway between Lübeck and Stettin as a result of the heat. In some places, the maximum speed was therefore limited to 100 km / h. In previous cases, the asphalt on some sections of the autobahn had literally dissolved in midsummer. Vehicles were partly heavily soiled by tar.

According to Volker Lempp, claims for damages arise in such cases only through the public safety obligation of the state or federal government. The responsible road traffic authority must warn motorists in good time if problems threaten. “However, these must be things that are predictable,” said the traffic lawyer. If this is done in good time - such as the speed limit, for example - there is certainly no claim to compensation.

Present witnesses to claims

Otherwise, according to Lempp, motorists can contact the responsible road traffic authority and make claims there. In this case, it is important to have witnesses who can confirm what happened. But even then, it is uncertain how the matter will turn out, as there are no precedent judgments. “It is rather unlikely that 100 percent of the damage will be reimbursed. Without legal expenses insurance, I wouldn't run to the lawyer. " (dpa)

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