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In Winter There Is A Fine Of Up To 760 Euros

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In Winter There Is A Fine Of Up To 760 Euros
In Winter There Is A Fine Of Up To 760 Euros

Video: In Winter There Is A Fine Of Up To 760 Euros

Video: In Winter There Is A Fine Of Up To 760 Euros
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When it comes to ice and snow, certain traffic rules apply that do not come to light in summer. In the worst case, you could face four points, a high fine and a three-month driving ban.

Some rules for drivers only play a practical role in winter. But they should be strictly adhered to. Otherwise, according to "Auto Bild", there are sometimes steep fines in the event of controls or accidents.

Speed limit when driving with snow chains

Anyone who slouches while scraping ice and sweeping the snow and only exposes a tiny peephole risks a fine of 10 to 35 euros. If the license plate is not scratched free, another 5 euros are added. The roof and bonnet should also be free of snow, otherwise it could endanger the following traffic.

Anyone who drives on routes that require snow chains without the traction assistant pays 20 euros. Strict speed restrictions apply when the chains are on. Anyone who exceeds the permitted 50 km / h by 10 km / h will be asked to pay 15 euros. 60 km / h too fast costs 760 euros and is also punished with four points in Flensburg and a three-month driving ban.

Expensive winter tires

It also gets expensive with worn winter tires. If the profile is less than 1.6 millimeters, the fines are between 50 and 125 euros. But you shouldn't let it get that far anyway. Winter tires should be replaced when they are less than four millimeters.

Winter tires are not generally required in winter. If there is ice or snow on the street, they must be wound up, otherwise the police can impose a fine of up to 40 euros. In the event of an accident, the amount increases to 120 euros.

Do not allow the engine to warm up

Anyone who lets the engine warm up while the vehicle is stationary, for example to thaw an iced window with the heating air, risks a fine of 10 euros. In the long run, however, increased wear and tear and consumption are likely to weigh more heavily.

The rear fog light may only be used when the visibility is less than 50 meters. Whoever switches it on earlier pays 35 euros.

A fine of 20 euros threatens anyone who is caught with frozen windscreen washer fluid. In winter, you should always have a spare bottle of windscreen cleaner with a winter additive on board. (SP-X)

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