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Alcohol Ban Planned For Novice Drivers

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Alcohol Ban Planned For Novice Drivers
Alcohol Ban Planned For Novice Drivers

Video: Alcohol Ban Planned For Novice Drivers

Video: Alcohol Ban Planned For Novice Drivers
Video: Beer Association supports SAB''s legal action to overturn alcohol ban 2023, June

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, novice drivers will no longer be allowed to sit behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. A corresponding bill already exists.

The Federal Ministry of Transport wants to prohibit novice drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol. Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) has submitted a corresponding draft law, according to information from the Auto Club Europa (ACE).

Fine for violation

According to information from the ACE, the draft is about the fact that in future novice drivers will not be allowed to be under the influence of alcohol when driving a motor vehicle. This regulation applies regardless of the age of the novice driver for the entire duration of the two-year probationary period after obtaining the driver's license, reports the ACE on Wednesday.

If you violate this rule, you will have to pay a fine of 125 euros. You also get two points in Flensburg. The minister apparently wants to forego the punishment of a driving ban. The proposed punishment is in the "lowest area of sanctions law", quoted the ACE from the reasons for the bill.

No alcohol limit

However, no alcohol limit has been set within the draft law. According to ACE traffic law experts, the regulation was deliberately formulated in such a way that proof of illegal alcohol consumption can be provided without a blood test or breath alcohol analysis. According to the ACE, the legislature wants to refrain from introducing a “zero alcohol limit” for metrological and medical reasons.

"Even if the law contains loopholes and can give rise to concerns, the right signal is sent here and it is made clear that" driving and drinking are "fundamentally incompatible" for newcomers to driving licenses, "says a statement from the ACE. The club believes that the law can already be expected this summer.

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