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Dudenhöffer: Merger With Opel Unrealistic

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Dudenhöffer: Merger With Opel Unrealistic
Dudenhöffer: Merger With Opel Unrealistic

Video: Dudenhöffer: Merger With Opel Unrealistic

Video: Dudenhöffer: Merger With Opel Unrealistic

For the automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, going into bankruptcy was inevitable for Saab. A merger with Opel doesn't make sense for him, as he told the Autogazette.

The automotive expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer has described the bankruptcy application of the Swedish car brand Saab as inevitable. «It was a step that could no longer be avoided. There was no one left who wanted to give Saab any more money,”said Dudenhöffer on Friday to the car gazette.

No merger with Opel

Dudenhöffer described speculations about a possible merger with Opel as absurd. “You can have such a discussion on Mars, but not here. That lacks any reality. Saab is in a structure that economically leaves no way to survive. Neither with another group nor in independence, »said Dudenhöffer.

That is why Dudenhöffer believes that there will be a buyer for Saab is unlikely. "In the form in which Saab is set up with its factories today, there will be no one who will buy the brand."

As Dudenhöffer said, Saab has been hollowed out by the parent company GM since the merger. “Saab was once an independent brand with turbo technology and other innovations. Now only cloned Vectras are built there. The content of the brand was totally broken under GM."

4000 employees affected

Saab's board of directors decided on Friday morning to file for bankruptcy. According to reports in the Swedish media, a merger with Opel is seen as a possible rescue for the company. 4000 employees are affected by the bankruptcy. In the previous year, Saab was only able to sell 94,000 vehicles worldwide. Saab no longer receives any payments from the parent company GM, which is fighting for its survival. The Swedish government had also rejected financial aid for Saab.

As GM announced in a press release, the bankruptcy filing for Saab is intended to pave the way for an independent future. (FM)

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