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Tiefensee For Tougher Action Against Rowdies

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Tiefensee For Tougher Action Against Rowdies
Tiefensee For Tougher Action Against Rowdies

Video: Tiefensee For Tougher Action Against Rowdies

Video: Tiefensee For Tougher Action Against Rowdies
Video: DCP Ravi D Channannavar Raids Houses Of Rowdy Sheeters, Dagger Seized 2023, June

Speeders and pushers will have to be particularly careful in the future. If Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee has his way, they will face significantly higher fines.

The federal government wants to double the fines for traffic hooligans. Speeders and pushers should pay up to 2000 euros in the future. "Anyone who is caught behind the wheel after excessive alcohol or drug consumption has to be prepared for up to 3000 euros," said Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) on Tuesday before the start of the transport ministers' conference in Berlin and confirmed a report by the "Bild" newspaper.

Demand security projects

The proposals will be discussed at the conference. The federal government also wants to take tough action on freight transport. An intentionally overloaded truck could cost a fine of up to 2000 euros. Tiefensee emphasized that it was not about filling the state treasury. The additional money is to be used for road safety projects.

"That increases the credibility of this very tough but, in my opinion, necessary measure." Speeders, jostlers and drug users often caused serious traffic accidents. "We have to counter this with draconian, deterrent penalties to protect the many sensible drivers." Traffic hooligans would only change their behavior if it really hurts in your wallet. Last year, 5,300 people were killed and more than 80,000 people were seriously injured in road accidents in Germany.

AVD refuses

The proposal from Tiefensee is rejected by the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD). "Such a drastic increase in fines is as good as ineffective," says AvD press spokesman Sven Janssen, "if the existing instruments are not used for control."

For the AVD, the increase in the control density already has a deterrent effect. "Especially in the area of alcoholism and drug consumption, against which the minister would like to take action according to his own statements, there are clinical pictures that cannot be remedied with higher fines." In the area of high alcohol levels and with drug users who live permanently in the legal border area anyway, the deterrent by threat of punishment does not work.

Ulrich Schellenberg, the chairman of the Berlin Lawyers' Association, also speaks out against harsher sentences. “It was only on May 1 that the government tightened the catalog of fines. I assume that those responsible have already thought something », Schellenberg told the network. "I can't understand the political reflex to always call for tougher punishments," said the lawyer. Schellenberg already sees the existing point system as an effective means of taking effective action against rowdies. "Instead of higher penalties, you should think about making the control network even tighter."

For Schellenberg, it also makes no sense to impose penalties at the height intended by Tiefensee. "We then have the problem that those affected cannot pay it and the courts have to impose a replacement custodial sentence."

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