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Harsher Penalties For Speeders Make Sense

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Harsher Penalties For Speeders Make Sense
Harsher Penalties For Speeders Make Sense

Video: Harsher Penalties For Speeders Make Sense

Video: Harsher Penalties For Speeders Make Sense
Video: Should street racers face harsher penalties in New Mexico? 2023, May

The lawyers at the German Traffic Court Day do not expect anything from a general increase in fines. On the other hand, more effective controls at accident blackspots are unanimously called for.

On Wednesday in Goslar (Lower Saxony), the President of the German Traffic Court Conference spoke out against the general increase in fines discussed by the transport ministers and for more undercover traffic investigators. "Harder penalties for speeders make sense, but not for parking offenders," said Prof. Friedrich Dencker in an interview with the dpa news agency. More effective controls are more important, for example by undercover traffic investigators on motorways. With the demand not to increase fines according to the watering can principle, Dencker met with approval from the large automobile clubs ADAC and ACE.

Raise awareness

Those who drive twice as fast as allowed in 30 km / h zones or endanger themselves and others by driving fast on country roads and highways have to dig deeper into their pockets. He had no concerns about that, said Dencker. Fixed radar systems and constant controls of parking offenders by the municipalities are more financially motivated.

On the other hand, it is more important to make road users aware of the traffic rules. "The use of undercover investigators on motorways is particularly successful because they control the situation according to the situation," said Dencker. The traffic sins like lawn, driving too close or overtaking on the right are recorded on video by the officers and can be played back to the drivers caught.

Better traffic monitoring is urgently needed, said ADAC spokesman Maximilian Maurer. But he is skeptical whether undercover agents alone would bring about great progress. Stationary or mobile measuring systems are just as important. “But they have to be in the right places, especially at accident black spots”.

More severe penalties

Fines for speeders and pushers as well as for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs would have to be "massively" increased, said the chief lawyer of the Auto Club Europa ACE, Volker Lempp. In the case of minor offenses, fines and fines should not be increased because this would not noticeably increase traffic safety. ADAC spokesman Maximilian Maurer also said there was no point in increasing fines “according to the watering can principle”.

The Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) pointed out that the fines for speeding offenders are drastically higher in many European countries than in Germany. In Norway, for example, anyone who drives 20 kilometers an hour too fast within built-up areas has to pay 390 euros. "In view of the many thousands of deaths and injuries that are to be lamented on German roads every year, there is an urgent need for action," said VCE board member Hermann-Josef Vogt.

Until Friday, 1500 experts from ministries, associations, authorities and universities will discuss current traffic issues at the 46th Traffic Court Day. (dpa)

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