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Avoid Slipping

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Avoid Slipping
Avoid Slipping

Video: Avoid Slipping

Video: Avoid Slipping
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Driving in winter always requires special caution. The distance to the person in front can be life-saving.

Snow and ice quickly turn a drive into a slide in winter. Even with winter tires and assistance systems such as ESP, vehicles can skid on slippery roads. Care is therefore required in frosty temperatures, because even if the roads are clear at the start of the journey, there can suddenly be icy ice.

Treacherous black ice

The so-called «black ice» is particularly tricky. It occurs when rain falls on the already frosty road surface. As soon as the raindrops touch the cold ground, they freeze immediately, creating an ice surface that makes maneuvering almost impossible. When it starts to rain after and during cold temperatures, drivers should therefore pay particular attention. If there is actually black ice, the only thing that helps, according to the German Automobile Club (AvD), is waiting for the gritting service. Your own vehicle should be parked temporarily.

Freezing moisture also regularly leads car owners to black ice. In contrast to black ice, water already present on the road freezes because the temperature drops significantly. Especially in the cooler evening hours, water-filled ruts, puddles and potholes

should be avoided as far as possible.

Beware of bridges

Frost is just as dangerous. It occurs when water vapor present in the air condenses and freezes. On bridges in particular, drivers must expect the temperature of the road surface to drop below freezing point, but the air is even warmer. Occasionally, preventive measures are taken. A bridge over the Elbe-Lübeck Canal, for example, has integrated plastic pipes that are flushed with warm groundwater so that the temperature of the asphalt surface does not drop. However, this is rather the exception.

Motorists must therefore always drive with foresight. Especially on bridges, forest stretches with aisles, uphill and downhill drives, slippery roads can be expected in winter. If you take into account the outside temperature displayed in some cars while driving, you will protect yourself from nasty surprises. If the roadway glistens in the headlights, caution is required. The speed should be reduced and the distance to the person in front increased. (mid)

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