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Defect In The Car: Towing Needs To Be Learned

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Defect In The Car: Towing Needs To Be Learned
Defect In The Car: Towing Needs To Be Learned

Video: Defect In The Car: Towing Needs To Be Learned

Video: Defect In The Car: Towing Needs To Be Learned
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The car doesn't want to start at all or it dies on the way. Then it has to be towed to the nearest workshop. But towing has to be learned.

When the car breaks down and can no longer drive on its own, friends are often asked for help for reasons of cost. In principle, however, towing is only permitted in emergency situations. Defective electronics or burst radiators are reasons for this, but not a lack of fuel. Only the shortest route to the nearest workshop may then be used.

It is essential to read the operating instructions beforehand in order to find towing eyes and hooks. With newer vehicles, the problem starts with the search for it. Previously hidden somewhere under the bumper, the rigid towing eye is now the exception. A small cover in the plastic covers of the bumpers is usually an indication of the towing device of halfway up-to-date copies.

Tow bar prevents rear-end collisions

Once everything is found, the tow bar or rope can be attached. By maintaining a constant distance, the tow bar prevents rear-end collisions and is the better solution. If you use a rope, a maximum length of five meters applies.

Before you start, the ignition key should be on the first step so that the steering wheel lock does not click into place. Both vehicles must have hazard warning lights switched on. If this does not work with the broken down vehicle due to a total failure of the electronics, it must not be towed. All-wheel drive or automatic vehicles usually have a tow button.

A car with an automatic transmission may not simply be towed away. Since the drive axle and gearbox are not separated like a manual switch when the gear is disengaged, damage can occur quickly. The operating instructions provide information on the harmless route length. How fast you can drive when towing is not mandatory. With 30 to 50 km / h you are always on the safe side. (SP-X)

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