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Motorways Are Becoming Parking Lots

Motorways Are Becoming Parking Lots
Motorways Are Becoming Parking Lots

Video: Motorways Are Becoming Parking Lots

Video: Motorways Are Becoming Parking Lots
Video: The Simple Solution to Traffic 2023, June

The ADAC expects one of the worst weekend traffic jams. From July 23rd to 25th, a lot of patience will be required on the highways.

Anyone who starts their vacation by car now has to pack a large portion of patience in their luggage. Because one of the worst traffic jam weekends of the season is looming. Holidaymakers from all over Europe are on the road, including employees of the automobile manufacturer Ford in Cologne, where the factory holidays begin. The following highways are particularly polluted:

Highways to and from the North and Baltic Sea

Greater Hamburg

A 1 Hamburg - Lübeck - Puttgarden

A 2 Oberhausen - Dortmund - Hanover - Berlin

A 3 Oberhausen - Cologne - Frankfurt - Nuremberg

A 4 Kirchheimer Dreieck - Erfurt - Chemnitz

A 5 Kassel - Frankfurt - Karlsruhe - Basel

A 7 Hamburg - Flensburg

A 7 Hamburg - Hanover - Würzburg - Ulm - Füssen / Reutte

A 8 Karlsruhe - Stuttgart - Munich - Salzburg

A 9 Berlin - Nuremberg - Munich

A 10 Berliner Ring

A 11 Berlin - Uckermark - Stettin

A 12 Berlin - Frankfurt / Oder

A 13 Schönefelder Kreuz - Spreewald triangle

A 19 Wittstock - Rostock

A 24 Berlin - Wittstock triangle

A 45 Hagen - Gießen - Aschaffenburg

A 61 Mönchengladbach - Koblenz - Ludwigshafen

A 93 Inntaldreieck - Kufstein

A 99 Munich bypass

Red barrage also in neighboring countries. In Austria this applies to the Tauern, Inntal, Brenner, Rheintal, West and East autobahns, as well as the Fernpass route and the Arlberg expressway. In Italy there is a guarantee of traffic jams on the Brenner motorway, the Chiasso - Milan, Villach - Udine and Verona - Venice - Trieste routes, as well as on all major roads near the coast.

Switzerland is sending the connections Basel - Chiasso and St. Gallen - Zurich - Bern as well as the San Bernardino route into the race for the biggest traffic jams. But the most important highways in France, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece are also polluted. At the border crossings, especially to Greece and Turkey, you have to plan longer waiting times. (AG)

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