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Seniors Need To Be Extra Vigilant

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Seniors Need To Be Extra Vigilant
Seniors Need To Be Extra Vigilant

Video: Seniors Need To Be Extra Vigilant

Video: Seniors Need To Be Extra Vigilant
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Seniors always have to worry about driving licenses in traffic crimes. The driving license authority can report doubts about the suitability independently of the criminal proceedings.

Seniors over the age of 60 must be particularly careful in traffic. They are charged with a traffic offense. the driver's license is quickly endangered. “There is always trouble if the driving license authorities find out about the incident,” says defense lawyer Christian Demuth from Düsseldorf, “that is, they can raise doubts about the fitness to drive completely independently of the criminal proceedings and order that a medical-psychological examination, the dreaded MPU, be brought in is."

Defense strategy required

Because the medical performance tests are particularly difficult for people of advanced age to pass. However, the driving license authority does not necessarily have to be informed about the accident. "Here a lot depends on the defense strategy," says Demuth.

It is important that the public prosecutor's office does not express any doubts about the suitability. If this already exists, however, the defense lawyer should “work towards a conviction of his client,” said Demuth. The aim is to get the court to state in writing in the judgment that there are no doubts about the suitability of the accused to drive motor vehicles.

More advantages than disadvantages

«If the court attests to the accused in his judgment that he poses no danger to the transport community, this has the advantage that the administrative authority is bound by this finding. The advantage for the client that no MPU can be imposed on him because of this act usually outweighs the disadvantage of a conviction for him."

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