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Volvo XC 90 V8 - Cruiser With Concert Level

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Volvo XC 90 V8 - Cruiser With Concert Level
Volvo XC 90 V8 - Cruiser With Concert Level

Video: Volvo XC 90 V8 - Cruiser With Concert Level

Video: Volvo XC 90 V8 - Cruiser With Concert Level
Video: Самая крутая в России VOLVO XC90 V8 4.4!) Мотор от YAMAHA, 22 VOSSEN’ы, обвес!) Тест-обзор : ) 2023, June

Volvo is one of the most successful European car brands on the US market. To further strengthen this position, the Swedes are offering a V8 engine in the XC90 for the first time in the company's 75-year history.

By Stefan Zaumseil

For now, the real American engine feeling is reserved for buyers of the XC90. Three quarters of the 15,000 XC90s with V8s annually are to go to the USA - 1,000 units are carefully estimated for Germany. The transverse installation of the engines, which is probably unique in this class, required a particularly compact design. Motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha, from which the engine came from, dedicated itself to this task with impressive success: 75.4 centimeters in length, 63.5 in width and a weight of 190 kilograms for a 60-degree V8 engine with a displacement of 4.4 liters, 315 PS and a maximum torque of 440 Newton meters, which thanks to variable valve timing, four camshafts for 32 valves and a balancer shaft shows a remarkable smoothness.

Impressive chords

But since Yamaha is also a piano maker - and has been since 1887 - the new V8 impresses with a very subtle partial load range and a sporty buzz in the high speed range, which is accompanied by the exhaust system with a deep chord. The cubic capacity impressively staged acoustically in this way is of course particularly popular with American buyers.

And by the way, thanks to the new engine, Volvo can claim to have the world's cleanest V8 in its range. Because the new one not only meets the Euro 4 standard, but even the requirements of the American ULEV II, which corresponds to the upcoming Euro 5 classification. This was achieved, among other things, with four catalytic converters that are fully functional just 20 seconds after starting. It goes without saying that the transverse installation of the V8 engine fully preserves the crash area. Only the Volvo mechanics have to complain, who have hardly any space for wrenches in the engine compartment.

Six-speed automatic transmission


Another new addition to the range is the six-speed automatic transmission with manual intervention and smooth, barely noticeable, yet firm gear changes. The top gear with a ratio of 0.69 was designed as an overdrive for the lowest possible fuel consumption. At least theoretically - because not only the average consumption of 13.3 liters of premium gasoline given by Volvo, but also our test consumption of 14.1 liters corresponds to the values of the competition. But you also get a lot on offer: from zero to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds, sealed off 210 km / h top speed - and that with an unladen weight of 2.2 tons. The top speed is only reached with the fifth gear.

The chassis of the Volvo XC90 - which, by the way, is based on the XC70 - is more comfortable than sporty. The power distribution between the two drive axles is 95 percent at the front and 5 percent at the rear as standard. That basically makes the XC90 a front-wheel drive. The electronically controlled Haldex clutch, however, varies continuously up to 35 percent at the front and 65 percent at the rear. In addition, the XC90 V8 has sophisticated electronics called "Instant Traction". This should - Nomen est Omen - ensure high traction on slippery surfaces and a well-dosed starting torque.

More precision is desirable

The Scandinavian is not an all-terrain champion due to the lack of terrain reduction - but the soft design of the chassis gives him a high potential for dirt roads. The long-legged SUV behaves neutrally to slightly understeer on country roads, with a significant curve inclination even when turning. More precision, tighter road holding and more direct steering would be more appropriate to the character of the engine. Nevertheless, the XC90 is always easy to control and looks safe.

The external identifying features of the top model are kept very discreet and are essentially limited to additional chrome applications in the bumper, a graphite-gray radiator grille, 18-inch alloy wheels in a special design - and, of course, a small “V8” on the grill and rear.

Inside, the new Volvo XC90 V8 does not offer anything new. The familiar inner workings can be described as comfortable and safe. The dominant center console, which contains all the controls for comfort, navigation and entertainment, is always an eye-catcher. The operation of all components is logical and without puzzles even for the Volvo novice. The remote control for navigation and entertainment is commendable. The feeling of space is excellent on all seats. The standard leather armchairs are comfortable, but - in keeping with the significant tilt of the car - offer little lateral support. However, they can be optimally adjusted both mechanically and optionally also electrically. The steering wheel is adjustable for length and height.

Third row of seats optional


The rear seats also have comfortable upholstery and generous legroom. Even longer distances can be easily overcome in the rear - even more so with the optional screens in the front seat backrests. As expected, the workmanship of Volvo's new top model is impeccable, and the quality and feel of the materials used in the interior are convincing. The optional third row of seats costs 1,400 euros. However, this series is probably more intended for children and can be lowered into the trunk floor in just two steps. With 483 liters it is quite appropriate. In addition to the asymmetrically split rear seats, the backrest of the front passenger seat can be folded down forwards, thus enabling a maximum cargo space of 1,837 liters. The loading sill is quite high at 79 centimeters,however common in an SUV of this size.

Even in the basic version, the safety equipment of a Volvo is hardly comparable to that of other manufacturers - and the XC90 V8 is no exception: front, side and head-shoulder airbags for all rows of seats, side impact, whiplash and rollover protection systems. Also standard on the Volvo XC90 V8 are automatic air conditioning, an on-board computer, multifunction steering wheel, alloy wheels and CD player. At 59,450 euros, the XC90 “Momentum” is around 1,000 euros cheaper than a Volkswagen Touareg V8 with 310 hp - and also better equipped.

Cruiser with concert level

The DVD navigation system costs 2,350 euros extra. The conversion of the “Momentum” into a concert hall using the Premium Performance Sound Package costs 990 euros, bi-xenon headlights 990 euros, electrically adjustable front seats 1,550 euros. The new Volvo XC90 V8 is an excellent cruiser with a high level of comfort and performance, which can also be moved a little faster with ease - true to the company name Volvo (Latin: I roll).

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