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Racing Heart
Racing Heart

Video: Racing Heart

Video: Racing Heart
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The revision did the Porsche Boxster S good. The mid-engine convertible not only looks good, it also offers fascinating performance.

By Ralf Awitt

With the switch from intake manifold to direct injection, Porsche has been able to reduce the fuel consumption of its sports cars while increasing performance at the same time. The Boxster mid-engine convertible also benefited from a new 3.4-liter engine. The price list of the 228 kW / 310 hp top model Boxster S starts at 56,383 euros.

Slight modifications

Externally, the revised version can be recognized by larger air inlets, modified indicators, fog lights and LED daytime running lights. If you take a closer look, you will also notice the larger exterior mirrors, which are due to a new EU pedestrian protection regulation. The two-seater roadster impresses with its appearance on the boulevard. With its drive system and chassis, however, it is primarily at home on country roads.

The Boxster concept promises agile driving behavior: transmission at the rear, engine in the middle, tank at the front. This means that the mid-engine car is safe in the curve. The balanced weight distribution of 47:53 between the front and rear allows high driving dynamics. The lightweight fabric top and an ultra-light magnesium roof structure help keep the center of gravity low. Each PS of the Boxster only has to move 4.4 kilograms of the car. In addition, the revision increased the maximum torque by 20 Nm to now 360 Newton meters.

Slight oversteer


However, the Boxster tends to oversteer somewhat, but sophisticated electronics intervene if necessary. A shift

box with six gears is used as the series transmission. The new optional dual clutch transmission (PDK) offers even more driving fun. This changes the seven gears automatically, at lightning speed and without interrupting tractive power. The PDK is 15 kilograms lighter than the previously offered automatic and helps to save fuel: the manufacturer specifies consumption of just 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers. However, with a sporty driving style you still have to

calculate 13 liters consumption.

The Boxster S takes just 5.2 seconds from the start to 100 km / h. The end of propulsion is only at 272 km / h. With PDK and activated quick-start traction control, you should even reach 100 km earlier than that. This option hardly plays a role in everyday driving, but it encourages the pilot to play. Other technical highlights: the standard start-up assistant, which holds the car in place for around two seconds when starting up on a hill, and the limited-slip differential for the rear axle.

Great sound

In addition, the Boxster sound can be audibly changed at the push of a button, because the exhaust system generates a robust sound via an electronically controlled exhaust flap. Important functions can be switched on quickly using direct selection buttons. Also on board is the active PASM chassis, with which the shock absorbers can be adjusted from sporty and comfortable to sporty and firm at the push of a button. Drivers with back problems should be very careful with this option. The optional Sport Chrono Package in conjunction with PDK guarantees an absolute racing feeling: You can use the Sport Plus button to reach a state that only pilots on the racetrack have.

The switching program relies on maximum acceleration and the shortest switching times. Driving times can also be recorded on the dashboard with a swiveling stopwatch. In order to increase the driving dynamics even more, the Porsche engineers lowered the tire pressure on the rear axle and developed special tires. You almost have the feeling of sticking to the road in the curves. Driving the Boxster is fun even without a roof, even on the autobahn there is no draft or roar.


The soft top can be opened and closed while driving at speeds of up to 50 km / h. However, it must first be unlocked by hand. An aluminum hardtop is available for around 2,300 euros for the winter months. The interior design of the roadster convinces with clean workmanship and a very pleasant ambience. From the ignition lock on the left of the steering wheel to the central rev counter, everything is familiar to Porsche. If you sit in the Boxster, the seats offer optimal lateral support and high seating comfort.

Big surcharges

However, you have to pay almost 4,000 euros for the dreamlike bucket seats. Seat ventilation is even available on request. When it comes to safety, everything is of course on board or available. For example, bi-xenon headlights with dynamic cornering lights are optionally available for both Boxster models. Extremely short braking distances can be achieved with the more than 8,000 euro expensive ceramic brake. In general, the standard equipment is rather poor compared to the high price of 56,383 euros, the extras are quite expensive. (mid)

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