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Acura NSX: Later Descendant

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Acura NSX: Later Descendant
Acura NSX: Later Descendant

Video: Acura NSX: Later Descendant

Video: Acura NSX: Later Descendant
Video: Вот почему новая Acura NSX 2017 года лучше, чем вы думаете 2023, June

For a long time, Honda only presented concepts for the NSX. In Detroit, the super sports car will be launched 25 years after the original's debut under the label of the US subsidiary Acura.

Honda ended the long wait at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. After numerous studies at various trade fairs in recent years, the US subsidiary Acura has now unveiled the production version of the second generation of the NSX. "We wanted to create a completely new type of NSX that is still committed to the legacy of the first-generation NSX," said Acura Vice President Mike Accavitti of the long wait 25 years after the original premiered.

Three electric motors for the Acura NSX

Of course, the new NSX, which will be launched in the USA at the end of the year and will cross the pond in 2016 as the Honda NSX, should carry over the old genes of the debut into the modern era and, according to Accavitti, “offer a whole new driving experience. A driving experience in which all individual parts of the vehicle serve the most intelligent part of the car: the driver."

The hybrid drive is probably the most prominent innovation compared to the original. A six-cylinder mid-engine petrol engine and three electric motors have a system output of over 550 hp, which are implemented via a nine-speed dual clutch transmission. More detailed information is still a long time coming.

Acura NSX starts at around $ 150,000

The design of the 4.47 meter long super sports car is due to the American market. "The NSX reflects Acura's American roots. It makes a powerful statement about the important role our North American operations play in creating - and delivering - a vision for the future of Acura," said Vice President Erik Berkman.

But the NSX will also cut a good figure outside of North America, because the NSX combines classic genes of the supercar league such as low and wide proportions with short overhangs and dynamic air inlets.

Prices are expected to settle at $ 150,000, which means that the Acura NSX in North America will face a duel with the Ford GT, which was also presented in Detroit. Acura already has an advantage in its pocket before the market launch. The US offshoot was named the leading luxury brand for the third time in a row in terms of resale value in five years. (AG / TF)

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