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California Plans Regulation For Autonomous Driving

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California Plans Regulation For Autonomous Driving
California Plans Regulation For Autonomous Driving

Video: California Plans Regulation For Autonomous Driving

Video: California Plans Regulation For Autonomous Driving
Video: Driverless Cars: Technology & Regulation 2023, June

So far, autonomous vehicles still require a special permit to be able to drive on public roads. California is now planning a draft regulation.

In California, autonomous vehicles have been on the road for test purposes for a long time. Now the state has also been the first to develop special regulations for self-driving cars. They should be discussed in public.

The decisive aspects in the regulation draft of the California traffic authority: The manufacturers have to have the safety of their cars certified, in addition, an independent organization should check the vehicle safety. The car manufacturers initially receive a three-year permit, during which time they must regularly provide information on how their vehicle is behaving in practice.

These data are an important step in the introduction of autonomous vehicles into road traffic, it is said. In addition, the cars should be well protected against hackers and should sound the alarm themselves if the software is attacked from outside.

Initially no driverless cars

So far, so capable of reaching a consensus. Another aspect in the draft regulation calls critics on the scene: To drive the autonomous car, a driver with a driver's license must be able to take over the wheel at any time. Driverless cars are initially excluded from use, writes the California traffic authority. The West Coast state-based technology company Google, which is developing a self-driving car, does not like this - the Internet giant's vehicle has no tax and is not intended for the influence of a driver.

The California Department of Transportation wants to use the proposal to stimulate public discussion of the draft regulation. Two workshops are planned for the beginning of the year in which those interested can discuss the regulations. Other states could follow suit. In Germany, car manufacturers are currently also having to obtain special permits if they want to use their self-driving vehicles on public roads. (AG / SP-X)

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