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Aeromobil Fledged

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Aeromobil Fledged
Aeromobil Fledged

Video: Aeromobil Fledged

Video: Aeromobil Fledged
Video: AeroMobil. The Flying Car. Test flights September-December 2020. 2023, June

Numerous manufacturers are at the finish line with the development of flying cars. While the Lilium Eagle completed its maiden flight as a prototype, Aeromobil is slowly starting series production.

In the past ten years, the Slovak aerospace manufacturer Aeromobil has built several prototypes of aircraft that can also be used as a car.

At the Top Marques luxury fair in Monaco at the weekend, the visually and technically mature series version was on display, for which pre-orders are already being accepted in 2017 and which are to be delivered to the first customers in 2020.

Aeromobil is ready to go within three minutes

However, if you want to buy an Aeromobil, you have to invest a lot. The flying car will probably cost over a million euros. The two-seater should already have an air traffic permit for Europe.

On the road, the four-wheeled vehicle can go up to 160 km / h and can travel up to 700 kilometers. Once you have reached an airport, the Aeromobil should be ready to go in three minutes. In the air, the hermaphrodite is up to 360 km / h and can fly up to 750 kilometers.

The start-up Lilium had only last weekA prototype of the Eagle took off for its maiden flight near Munich. As an air taxi, the whiz kid could perform shuttle flights between Munich Airport and the city center - and even emission-free. (AG / SP-X)

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