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Dacia Logan Without Much Loss Of Value

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Dacia Logan Without Much Loss Of Value
Dacia Logan Without Much Loss Of Value

Video: Dacia Logan Without Much Loss Of Value

Video: Dacia Logan Without Much Loss Of Value
Video: LADA LARGUS или LARBUS оказывается Dacia Logan MCV! КОГДА 186 мотор не тянет! 2023, May

The success of the Dacia Logan also continues as a used car. The ADAC's list of deficiencies is extremely short at the Renault subsidiary from Romania.

Sometimes the competition comes from within - for example from car manufacturers. On the one hand, Renault was delighted with the success of the Logan model from the Romanian subsidiary brand Dacia. But the good sales figures of the cheap car in the station wagon version also raised eyebrows. The trade press saw the Logan MCV remove the water from some Renault models. The ADAC breakdown helpers were comparatively seldom involved with the car.

Sparse equipment

The list of shortcomings for the Logan is short: vehicles built in 2008 were occasionally broken down with defective fuel pumps. The injection system of the 2007 diesel went on strike. The ADAC also reported faulty dipped headlights and marten bites on the ignition cables.

The Logan was first available as a new car in 2005 - as a sedan. The station wagon came onto the German market in 2007 and cost from 8400 euros. The low entry price could only be achieved by doing without some equipment features: Among other things, there was no ESP. After all, front airbags and ABS were part of the basic equipment. The MCV got a facelift in 2008, its starting price is currently 7990 euros. Sales of the limousine ceased in Germany in May 2010.

One year old diesel station wagon from 9200 euros

The range of engines corresponds to what customers can expect from a lower mid-range car: Depending on the year of construction and design, there are petrol engines with outputs between 55 kW / 75 PS and 77 kW / 105 PS. Diesel is available with 50 kW / 68 PS and 63 kW / 86 PS, whereby the weaker compression-ignition engine has meanwhile been taken out of the range. Since 2008 the car has also been available in a variant powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with a 1.6 liter engine that develops 62 kW / 84 hp.

For a used Logan MCV 1.6 16V Laureate from 2009 with 77 kW / 105 PS, according to the Schwacke list, around 8,600 euros are currently due. A diesel sedan from 2007 in the 1.5 dCi Prestige version with 63 kW / 86 PS still costs around 6200 euros. A station wagon with the same size diesel engine from 2008 costs around 9200 euros as an ambience model.

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