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Special Stages As An Indicator At The Monte

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Special Stages As An Indicator At The Monte
Special Stages As An Indicator At The Monte

Video: Special Stages As An Indicator At The Monte

Video: Special Stages As An Indicator At The Monte
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The first four special stages at the Rallye Monte Carlo des Energies Nouvelles separated the wheat from the chaff. The Autogazette is in a good position in the lower midfield.

Almost 460 kilometers had to be unwound on the second day of the Monte Carlo des Energies Nouvelles rally. From Monaco we went to Aix-en-Provence with four special stages. Especially the special regularity runs between eight and 27 kilometers were high hurdles for some.

Dacia Logan leads KLassement

On these tests, a fixed pace must also be maintained over a predetermined route. Every deviation earns the 93 participants minus points, which are included in the overall ranking.

In addition, the individual fuels have to be budgeted so that the stage can be mastered successfully without the service vehicle having to come. After the first four tests, a French team leads with a Dacia Logan that is powered by ethanol. The best Opel Ampera with Hanns-Werner Wirth and Michael Gorissen ranks 15th.

Saturday is the "night of the quiet knife"

The "Car of the Year 2012" with Mario Hommen and Thomas Flehmer from the Autogazette, on the other hand, took the tactical 60th place in order to roll up the field from behind on Saturday. After the 460 kilometers, the 35 liter petrol tank was almost empty, but the Ampera still had a good 60 kilometers of electric range available.

Then it's back to Monaco from Aix-en-Provence by afternoon. Two further special tests must be completed there. In the evening, in the Monte tradition, the "Night of the Quiet Knives" starts, on which the vehicles with electric, LPG or hybrid drive have to cover a further 100 kilometers with the last two scores of 19 and 18 kilometers before the 14th Edition of the alternative rally is completed with handling tests. The award ceremony will then take place at lunchtime. (AG / TF)

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