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End For Eight Characters

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End For Eight Characters
End For Eight Characters

Video: End For Eight Characters

Video: End For Eight Characters
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Eight traffic signs will be dismantled from September 1st. But new signs are also included in the road traffic regulations.

The forest of signs on German roads will clear on September 1st. According to the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten", the federal and state transport ministries have agreed to remove eight traffic signs from the road traffic regulations. These include, for example, the black snowflake warning of slippery snow and ice and the car about to jump into the lake, which indicates a near shore. The warning signs for falling rocks, cattle drive, split / gravel, flight operations and a movable bridge are also affected; the “pedestrian crossing” sign attached to zebra crossings also disappears.

Dismantling over years

However, the traffic signs will not be dismantled at the turn of the month, their dismantling will take several years. Provided that the local road traffic authorities do not see a particular accident black spot that requires keeping the sign.

Other traffic signs such as level crossing, recommended speed and poor roadside are given a deadline of ten years. Their use should be checked during this time. Federal Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee actually wanted to remove more signs such as “Wanderparkplatz” or “Autobahnkiosk”, but this failed due to resistance from tourism, nature conservation and automobile associations.

Good times for inline skaters

With the announced disappearance of the traffic signs, however, new signs will also be introduced. “Inliner free” will allow roller skaters, for example, to use bike paths in the future. The "Permeable Dead-End" sign marks roads at the end of which conventional vehicles cannot continue, while agricultural traffic or cyclists can sometimes. (mid)

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