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Lower Fuel Costs In Winter

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Lower Fuel Costs In Winter
Lower Fuel Costs In Winter

Video: Lower Fuel Costs In Winter

Video: Lower Fuel Costs In Winter
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The cold season demands more consumption from the cars. But fuel can also be saved in winter, thus protecting the environment and your wallet.

Cars use more fuel in winter than in summer. Due to the low temperatures and the shorter days, electrical consumers are switched on more frequently, which in turn costs fuel.

Roof box needs two liters per 100 kilometers

Heated windows, heated seats, air conditioning and a roof box for the vacation add up to more than two liters of additional consumption per 100 kilometers, as the ADAC has now calculated. A roof box alone provides an additional consumption of around two liters at 130 km / h. If you don't need them urgently, you should take them off immediately after your vacation. Items in the trunk cost up to 0.3 liters more fuel per 100 kilograms.

But heaters for seats, windows and steering wheel can also increase consumption by up to one liter. Therefore: When the windows are clear and the seat is warm, the heating should be switched off. Activated fog lights and rear fog lights cost up to 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers. And leaving your car to warm up in winter not only harms the environment, but also your wallet. According to ADAC, four minutes of idle time are 20 cents. If you are caught doing this, you have to pay another ten euros fine.

Cover short distances on foot

You save fuel by upshifting early (up to 30 percent), correct tire pressure and a car without unnecessary charge, not only in winter. Short distances of up to two kilometers should be covered on foot or by bike, if possible. This not only saves money, but is also good for the environment - and for your own health.

How else you can save fuel is revealed in the fuel-saving tips from the Autogazette. (AG / SP-X)

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