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Worthwhile Parking Heater

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Worthwhile Parking Heater
Worthwhile Parking Heater

Video: Worthwhile Parking Heater

Video: Worthwhile Parking Heater
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Retrofitting a parking heater without installation costs costs around 1000 euros. The water heater not only protects the occupants from the cold, but also the engine.

Cars are usually bought in the warm season. While the air conditioning is almost always on board, there is often no auxiliary heater. But that can be made up for. Then morning ice scraping and warm shivering are a thing of the past.

Air heating does not warm the engine

Almost every car can be retrofitted with an auxiliary heater. Specialists like Webasto even offer them for hybrid cars or luxury sports cars. In general, the customer can choose between two systems. The inexpensive alternative from around 100 euros is air heating. It is installed in the interior, where it heats air electrically or by means of fuel and circulates it with a fan. It does not need a long lead time, but provides pleasant warmth almost immediately.

However, the space required for the housing is relatively high, so that it is particularly suitable for minibuses and mobile homes. A nearby socket is also required for powered devices. In addition, the air heater only warms the interior air, not the engine. The exhausting cold start is not spared.

Water heating recommended

The somewhat more complex and expensive water heater, on the other hand, also brings the engine up to temperature. It is installed in the engine compartment and uses a fuel-operated burner to heat the water in the cooling circuit. The heat then enters the interior via the heating fan. This takes significantly longer than with air heating, which is not a problem with predictive programming. The additional fuel consumption is negligible as it is offset by the higher efficiency of the warm start. The cost is around 1000 euros without assembly.

Depending on the version, parking heaters are controlled by a timer in the vehicle or by radio remote control. New models can also be activated via the mobile phone. The maximum operating time is limited, however, as fuel-operated heaters also require electricity from the car battery, for example for the blower. As a rule of thumb, the heating time should not be longer than the travel time. Incidentally, the parking heater should also be switched on from time to time in summer. If you let it run briefly every two months, you will prevent the fuel and water pumps from gumming up. (SP-X)

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