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Drivers Must Pay Attention To This In Winter

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Drivers Must Pay Attention To This In Winter
Drivers Must Pay Attention To This In Winter

Video: Drivers Must Pay Attention To This In Winter

Video: Drivers Must Pay Attention To This In Winter
Video: This is WHY you pay attention! | Road Rage, Car Crashes, & Bad Drivers 2021 #84 2023, June

It should be known by now that you should be driving with winter tires in winter. But what other duties do drivers have? For example, you shouldn't drive around with icy windows.

Winter brings not only inconvenience in the form of icy windows and slippery roads, but also special fines for ignoring typical winter duties. Therefore, one should know and follow them better.

The road traffic regulations prescribe tires that are suitable for the weather, the so-called “situational winter tire requirement”. Anyone who drives with summer tires in winter weather conditions - slippery ice, ice or snow - must expect a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg. It becomes more expensive if someone is disabled or endangered or if there is even an accident. Then, by the way, insurance cover is also at risk.

Remove the ice from the slices

Anyone caught with just one peephole cleared also pays at least 10 euros. All panes must be scraped free so that the view is no longer obstructed. You also have to clear snow from the headlights, indicators and taillights before you start. And the white splendor must also be removed from the roof, otherwise there is a risk of a fine of 25 euros.

Anyone who has ever driven behind a car with a lot of snow on the roof knows why it makes sense. On the other hand, driving with a snow-covered license plate is a bargain: that costs only 5 euros.

One of the winter-specific traffic sins is letting the engine warm up while the vehicle is stationary. 10 euros are due for this. Anyone who forgets to switch on the dipped headlights when their view is obstructed by snow also pays: 60 euros out of town, plus one point in Flensburg. Further information on possible fines can be found in the

catalog of fines of the Autogazette. (AG / SP-X)

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