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Audi Increases Workforce For Further Boom

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Audi Increases Workforce For Further Boom
Audi Increases Workforce For Further Boom

Video: Audi Increases Workforce For Further Boom

Video: Audi Increases Workforce For Further Boom
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Thousands of new “clever minds”, expansion of production, new models: Audi boss Stadler is counting on an unbroken car boom in the next few years. He is also not worried about China, the most important market. However, he does not dare to make a specific forecast for 2011.

Audi is gearing up for a sustained car boom and is significantly increasing its workforce. "In order to realize our ambitious growth course, we need a lot of bright minds in our company," said Audi boss Rupert Stadler on Thursday at the general meeting in Neckarsulm. In Germany alone, the VW subsidiary will hire at least 2,200 new employees this year.

10,000 new jobs by 2020

The Ingolstadt-based company is bringing 1,200 new experts on board, primarily for electromobility and lightweight construction. In addition, at least 300 temporary workers are permanently employed and almost 700 young people begin training. "We plan to create around 10,000 new jobs by 2020," said Stadler. Almost 61,000 people currently work at Audi worldwide, 46,700 of them in Germany.

"We expect further growth in the long term, also beyond 2015," said Stadler. The manager does not fear any slowdown in China either. "We assume that the Chinese automotive market will continue to grow at a rapid pace in the medium term." The People's Republic is the most important market for Audi, with 280,000 cars to be sold there this year.

Eleven billion euros for new models and production

However, the high demand and the further development of future technologies present Audi with major challenges. The company had to master a "quantum leap" in production, said Stadler. "With our previous capacities, we will soon reach the limits." By 2015, the Bavarians want to invest more than eleven billion euros in expanding production and in new models.

Up to 300,000 cars can be built in Changchun, China, and the expansion of the plant is almost complete. “In addition to the pure increase in capacity, we are developing various competencies in China,” said Stadler. "This includes sales specialists as well as development and electronics specialists." The Audi location in Hungary will also be expanded over the next few years. Stadler left it open whether Audi will also build a plant in the USA.

"We have ushered in the new year with a dynamic start," said Stadler. Despite risks from the crisis in Japan and rising raw material prices, the Ingolstadt-based company is expecting another record year after 2010. 1.2 million cars are expected to be sold in 2011 (2010: 1.09 million). Stadler did not give an exact sales and earnings forecast on Thursday either. (dpa)

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