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Opel Turns Night Into Day

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Opel Turns Night Into Day
Opel Turns Night Into Day

Video: Opel Turns Night Into Day

Video: Opel Turns Night Into Day
Video: WOW! Massive Mystery Flash Turns Night Into Day In Russia! 2023, May

Good light brings more security. After all, there is potential for danger in the dark. This risk can be reduced with the adaptive LED matrix light in the Opel Astra.

It's that time again. In the afternoon it is slowly getting dark. No wonder that the risk of accidents increases, especially in the dark season. Just before Christmas, for example, there are more than 16 hours between sunset at 4.16 p.m. and sunrise at 8.25 a.m.

Time in which cyclists, pedestrians or even game in forest areas remain hidden from the eye. Drivers who have an intelligent lighting system in their vehicle have a clear advantage if their headlights illuminate the road particularly well.

1150 euros for more security

Opel, for example, is using adaptive LED matrix light in its new compact class model Astra. It enables the driver to permanently drive with high beam. The special thing about it: oncoming traffic is not dazzled. This way, deer crossing can also be noticed in good time. A conventional light would not recognize this danger because it simply does not have the range. For the added security, Opel requires 1150 euros. If you also order LED taillights, it will be another 200 euros more expensive.

“We democratize high-tech solutions. We make innovations affordable and incorporate them into our volume models, "says Opel Head of Development Charlie Klein." With the introduction of this technology in the compact class, Opel is the first manufacturer in this segment to offer the highly efficient and powerful lighting system, "added Klein.

The LED matrix light consists of eight elements on the left and right-hand side and automatically adapts the length of the light beam and its distribution to every traffic situation in conjunction with the front camera. With the new lighting system, the driver can see objects at the edge of the road 30 to 40 meters earlier than with conventional halogen or xenon dipped headlights at a speed of 80 km / h. This means that in the event of danger, he has around 1.5 seconds more time to react, for example, to game running across the street. If a vehicle comes in the opposite direction, it is recognized by the lighting system and it blocks out other road users. (AG / FM)

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