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Complaints Are Increasing

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Complaints Are Increasing
Complaints Are Increasing

Video: Complaints Are Increasing

Video: Complaints Are Increasing
Video: Apple 4.3 Complaints are Increasing 2023, June

At least every second car has defects. In the main inspections of the GTÜ, defects in lighting and electrics were particularly criticized.

More and more cars are running with defects. In 2008 the testing organization GTÜ had something to complain about in the main inspections of 53.7 percent of all cars, in the previous year this was only the case with 53.1 percent. Significant deficiencies or traffic uncertainty were found in 17.3 percent of the vehicles.

Brake system often defective

Older cars in particular showed defects in the past year. The testing organization discovered an average of 2.30 defects per vehicle in cars that were more than nine years old. For cars that were less than three years old, only 0.22 defects per vehicle were recorded. The most frequent complaints in 2008 were related to lighting and electrics with 23.5 percent. The braking system took second negative place with 17.7 percent, followed by axles, wheels and tires with 17.5 percent.

The statistics of commercial vehicles have shown that heavy trucks have fewer defects than light commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tons. In the main inspections in 2008, a total of 38 percent of the commercial vehicles passed the test without defects. At 41.5 percent, the testers had little to complain about and at 20.5 percent, significant deficiencies were discovered. In the case of younger commercial vehicles up to three years of age, the inspectors found an average of 0.65 defects per vehicle; in the case of older vehicles over nine years of age, 3.03 complaints per commercial vehicle were counted. The front runner in terms of commercial vehicle defects was the electrical system with a share of 27.6 percent, followed by the brake system with 16.1 percent.

3.4 million general inspections

In 2008 the GTÜ carried out a total of 3.4 million general inspections in accordance with Section 29 of the StVZO in Germany; According to the company, this corresponds to a market share of 13.4 percent. (mid)

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