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Appeal To Drivers: Fill Up With The E10

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Appeal To Drivers: Fill Up With The E10
Appeal To Drivers: Fill Up With The E10

Video: Appeal To Drivers: Fill Up With The E10

Video: Appeal To Drivers: Fill Up With The E10
Video: Что такое топливо E10 и почему сотни тысяч автомобилей не смогут его использовать? 2023, May

The introduction of the E10 created uncertainty among motorists. As a result, other types of gasoline are becoming increasingly scarce.

By Georg Ismar

With an urgent appeal to motorists, the mineral oil industry has called for a switch to the new organic super E10. "We have really big problems", admitted Klaus Picard, the chief executive of the Minerölwirtschaftsverband (MWV), on Wednesday in Berlin. Unsettled motorists are currently avoiding the new bio-fuel and are thus causing massive bottlenecks for alternative varieties such as Super Plus with 98 octane at filling stations.

93 percent of the cars can handle E10

Picard called on motorists to fill up with super gasoline with an admixture of ten percent ethanol. According to new calculations, 93 percent of the cars registered in Germany could take this. He blamed the insecurity of insufficiently informed consumers for the problem.

The background to the introduction of the E10 are regulations of the EU and the federal government, with which higher biofuel quotas are enforced. Picard emphasized: "We only meet statutory requirements." The problem is that motorists are increasingly using 98-octane gasoline with only five percent ethanol (E5), which is only offered in small quantities in order to bring E10 with ten percent ethanol onto the market. Some gas stations currently have to be supplied with Super Plus three to four times a day, said Picard.

Refineries exhausted

The super plus production could not be expanded at will, since refineries according to Picard can produce a maximum of 20 to 30 percent 98-octane fuel. If the situation does not ease, the first refineries will have to cease operations by the end of the week - because they are sitting on full tanks with E10.

The proportion of bio-ethanol obtained from wheat, beet or corn, for example, is only added when the tanker is filled. The raw material can hardly be sold abroad, however, as every country has a special fuel mixture. Picard spoke of a "hull fuel" that first had to be reworked, which was associated with considerable costs. "We have a Balkanization in Europe," he said with a look at the patchwork of specifications for various fuel mixtures.

Unfounded fears

According to Picard, if E10 remains a slow moving business, the refineries should not shut down as a result. Rather, more conventional E5 petrol should then be produced again, stressed Picard. However, the industry must create a quota of ten percent ethanol: for every liter that is not added enough, there is a risk of fines of 40 percent. The federal government wants to reduce the dependence on oil with more biofuel and achieve more climate protection. E10 should help to reduce the emission of the climate-damaging carbon dioxide CO2.

The managing director of the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Mineral Oil Companies, Elmar Kühn, supported Picard in his campaign to fill up with more E10: "There are no technical problems with this fuel, it is excellently suited." There was a long test phase and the bio-fuel was of the highest quality. "All fears that are floating around are unfounded." Drivers should find out whether their car can handle E10 before refueling. (dpa)

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