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Stuck In Traffic Three Times A Week

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Stuck In Traffic Three Times A Week
Stuck In Traffic Three Times A Week

Video: Stuck In Traffic Three Times A Week

Video: Stuck In Traffic Three Times A Week
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Men are often on the road longer and the car is the means of transport of choice for the large number of employees on the way to work. Randstad agency explored the secret of going back and forth to work every day.

Every day, Germany's employees cover an average of around 22 kilometers each way to work or on the way home. They each need around 45 minutes for this - employees are on the road for one and a half hours a day, according to the results of a current survey of over 800 employees on behalf of the Randstad personnel service company.

Being late regularly

Men are on average 8 kilometers more or 17 minutes longer each way than women. More than two thirds (68 percent) of the respondents drive to work. Even half of those who live less than 5 kilometers from work use the car - although more than a quarter of all employees regularly get stuck in traffic up to three times a week on their way to work and arrive late.

Unsatisfied with the travel times

A quarter of the respondents cycle or walk. Only 19 percent of employees use local public transport. Every fifth employee uses at least two modes of transport every day. Only around 30 percent of all employees receive travel expenses of any kind from their employer. A third of employees are dissatisfied with the time they need to commute to work. Employees are willing to invest a maximum of 70 minutes for the entire travel time (there and back) per day - that is, 20 minutes less than the current average.

Neglected secondary occupations

Men complain much more often than women that the long commute takes away time for the family. In addition, private obligations such as paperwork fell by the wayside for around a quarter of all respondents. (AG)

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