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After A 15 Meter Flight, The Car Lands In The Living Room

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After A 15 Meter Flight, The Car Lands In The Living Room
After A 15 Meter Flight, The Car Lands In The Living Room

Video: After A 15 Meter Flight, The Car Lands In The Living Room

Video: After A 15 Meter Flight, The Car Lands In The Living Room
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A car landed in the living room of an elderly couple in Baden-Württemberg after a 15-meter flight. The driver of the accident car was killed in the accident.

In Baden-Württemberg, a car driver raced through a house wall into the living room of an elderly couple. The emergency services could only rescue the 75-year-old driver dead from his completely demolished car on Friday evening. The two residents were seriously injured by flying bricks. The large hole in the outer wall of the farmhouse in Ochsenhausen near Biberach was supported with heavy beams on Sunday. According to the police, the building was in danger of collapsing. It should not have been the first time for the old couple that a car crashed into the house.

The 86-year-old man and his 80-year-old wife were sitting in the living room when the car suddenly broke through the wall. According to initial investigations, the driver was traveling far too fast. He lost control and went into a skid. The speed of the car was so high that a small curb turned into a ramp: the car flew 15 meters through the air and then crashed straight into the old people's house.

Living room completely devastated

According to the police, the impact was so severe that bricks were thrown from the wall through the whole living room. A neighbor was one of the first helpers at the accident site. The living room was completely devastated, he told the SWR. “The man was standing in the middle of the room in shock. We took him out of the house and then took care of the woman. It was in the back corner and was half covered with rubble. " The two seniors came to the hospital.

The 75-year-old's car was so unfortunate that it got stuck in the middle of the house wall at the height of the driver's door that the emergency services took some time to get to the victim. At this time, however, the 75-year-old had already died of his serious injuries, the investigators said.

At the weekend, the investigators could not yet say for sure why the motorist lost control directly at the entrance sign to the Reinstetten district. Experts are to reconstruct the course of the accident in detail in the coming days.

Not the first accident

But residents are sure that there was once again a frenzy involved. In the past three years alone, two more vehicles have landed in the front yard of the farmhouse because of excessive speed. A neighbor told the SWR that the couple had only just finished repairing the last accident damage to the house.

The villagers have long been calling for traffic calming at the entrance to the town. Because time and again, cars would sped into the village at well over 100 kilometers per hour and then skid at the first slight left turn right next to the old couple's farmhouse. (dpa)

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