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From Delivery Vehicle To Racing Truck

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From Delivery Vehicle To Racing Truck
From Delivery Vehicle To Racing Truck

Video: From Delivery Vehicle To Racing Truck

Video: From Delivery Vehicle To Racing Truck
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UPS transforms a decommissioned delivery vehicle into a racing truck. In addition to a new engine and transmission, the appearance has also changed significantly.

UPS goes to the racetrack. The automotive team of the parcel delivery company in Langenhagen near Hanover transforms the decommissioned P60 with the number 31141 into a racing truck. In return, the 17-year-old striking delivery van receives a complete all-round tuning in the UPS's own workshop after 40 inspections and 17 emissions tests.

400 instead of 90 hp

The truck that has covered more than 600,000 kilometers between November 18th, 1991 and January 9th, 2008 will be given a new engine and a new transmission. Instead of chugging through the cities with 90 hp, the P60 will soon be on the road with an eight-cylinder and more than 400 hp. Of course, the "pipes" that run along the right and left of the vehicle and protrude in front of the rear wheels as a new exhaust system are just as important as a new rear axle and new springs.

Externally, the vehicle gets new lights, new bumpers and wider tires. A lowering by 30 centimeters should of course not be missing. In addition, UPS is organizing a design competition together with the Mediadesign Hochschule Düsseldorf. MD. H students are invited to submit their ideas for a new, dynamic paint job for the UPS Racing Truck by September 1st, 2008. A jury made up of experts from MD. H and UPS selects the six best designs. In an online voting, the winning design that the new, tuned UPS truck should receive is finally determined.

Name wanted

After completion, the truck, which was mainly used in the Northeim area, will mainly be used for show purposes. That is why we are still looking for a name until October. (AG)

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