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Dekra Calls For Standardized Accident Statistics

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Dekra Calls For Standardized Accident Statistics
Dekra Calls For Standardized Accident Statistics

Video: Dekra Calls For Standardized Accident Statistics

Video: Dekra Calls For Standardized Accident Statistics
Video: Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention – A View from the Top 2023, June

The automotive experts at Dekra advocate common European accident statistics. This could halve the number of accident fatalities in the coming years.

The automotive experts at Dekra demand a minimum standard for the recording of traffic accident data in the European Union. "We need uniform accident statistics and comparable evaluation criteria across Europe," said Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Ahlgrimm, Head of Analytical Reports, at the presentation of the Mercedes-Benz Safety Truck in Brussels. This would make a concrete contribution to the implementation of the goals of the European Charter on Road Safety. By 2010, the number of road deaths in the EU is expected to halve - from just under 50,000 to 25,000.

Defuse accident black spots

«We have to create the possibility of comparing the number of accidents at European level. Only then will we be able to localize the accident blackspots in the individual countries more precisely and defuse them through targeted actions,”continues Ahlgrimm. If there is a need to catch up in road construction in one country, it could be driver training or the technical condition of vehicles in another. A targeted approach, however, presupposes that all essential facts about the origin, process and consequences of traffic accidents are competently recorded.

In modern societies, great importance is attached to comprehensive traffic accident recordings and statistical recording by the police, who are supported by trained accident experts in special circumstances. Only accidents recorded in such detail could be used as a reliable basis for accident research.

Findings for prevention

Accident research can also make a contribution, assess the efficiency of components such as airbag systems or vehicle dynamics controls, and use cost-benefit analyzes to determine the focus of future work. The expert also sees a need for greater use of accident research in prevention and education. In contrast to aircraft accidents, findings from accident research for road traffic have so far not been published enough and made generally usable. A first step could be an overview of the causes and avoidance options in the event of bus accidents and the transport of dangerous goods.

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