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Techart Gives Cayman S More Steam

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Techart Gives Cayman S More Steam
Techart Gives Cayman S More Steam

Video: Techart Gives Cayman S More Steam

Video: Techart Gives Cayman S More Steam
Video: Porsche CaymanS by Techart, Wendland, Speedart, 9ff, Sportec 2023, June

Techart has taken on the engine of the Porsche Cayman S. The two-seater now has even more power and looks much more dynamic.

Stefan Grundhoff

Techart gave the Porsche Cayman S even more bite. The tuner has upgraded the engine of the two-seater to 3.8 liters and a whopping 385 hp. That's enough for 285 km / h. There is also a more aggressive look.

From zero to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds

The increase in displacement from the standard 3,387 cm³ to 3,824 cm³ is achieved by enlarging the bore to 99 millimeters and using larger pistons and installing a special crankshaft. The whole thing is supplemented with sports camshafts, a modified intake system and a completely new sports exhaust system including a manifold. With TechArt GTsport, this not only ensures a whopping 283 kW / 385 hp at 6,600 rpm, but also a maximum torque of 407 Nm at 4,600. This means that the Cayman GT runs from zero to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds. According to Techart, consumption is an average of 14.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Techart has also given the Cayman sophisticated aerodynamics. The front apron with an extendable carbon splitter is designed in such a way that it replaces the standard bumper. With its large air inlets and four additional headlights, it not only gives the two-seater an even more dynamic face, but also reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds. The extendable carbon splitter further minimizes buoyancy.

Mirror covers made of carbon

The side skirts were modeled in such a way that they calm the flow of air between the front and rear wheel arches and also make the two-seater appear deeper and more elongated. There are also mirror covers made of carbon and a large wing with an extendable Gurney flap made of carbon and an apron with a carbon diffuser at the rear. The Techart-Cayman runs on one-piece five-spoke wheels in the format 8.5x20 inches with tires of size 235/30. On the rear axle: 11x20 inch wheels with 305/25 tires. The TechArt VarioPlus coilover kit, which has been lowered by 25 millimeters, is specially designed for all vehicles that are factory-equipped with the electronically adjustable PASM damping system.

The interior features aluminum pedals, gearshift levers and footrests as well as airbag sports steering wheels with a choice of three or four spokes. There are also stainless steel door sills with Techart logo. The base price for the GT: 100,000 euros. Open at the top.

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