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Park Intelligently In The Snow

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Park Intelligently In The Snow
Park Intelligently In The Snow

Video: Park Intelligently In The Snow

Video: Park Intelligently In The Snow
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Not every free area is suitable for parking in winter. A few things should be observed so that there are no nasty surprises the next day.

Snowfall not only makes driving more difficult, it also makes parking more difficult. In deep winter, there are a few rules to consider when looking for a suitable space.

Park on a level surface

Basically: A parked car must not hinder spreading vehicles. In addition, you should not park in deep snow. According to ADAC, if you simply drive into a pile of snow, there is a risk that melt water will form on the warm engine, which can later freeze and severely damage the engine. In addition, the car could get stuck in deep white when pulling out of a parking space.

A level surface is recommended when choosing a parking space. Since ice can form overnight, starting off in the morning may turn into a slide. And that is much more dangerous on the slope. There is a risk of roof avalanches in the vicinity of house roofs that could damage the car.

Note the location exactly

Anyone who parks in heavy snowfall would do well to make a careful note of the location of their car. Once there is a thick blanket of snow over vehicles, they almost all look the same. If you park for several days in heavy rainfall, you should shovel your car free from time to time so that you can find it again later and drive off more easily. In general, a hand brush and shovel should be close at hand.

Particular caution is advised when pulling out of a parking space. The deep snow may hide obstacles such as bollards or curbs. And then it can get expensive. (SP-X)

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