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Labello For Icy Doors

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Labello For Icy Doors
Labello For Icy Doors

Video: Labello For Icy Doors

Video: Labello For Icy Doors
Video: Open Frozen Car Doors 2023, June

The door seals have to withstand a lot in this cold. With a little foresighted care, the doors can be opened easily even at these temperatures.

Thaw during the day and freezing temperatures at night bring some problems. Lantern parkers in particular can tell a song about it when they stand in front of frozen doors in the morning. This is not only annoying, but can also destroy the door seal if you do the wrong thing.

Simple home remedies help

But a few simple home remedies can help. A lip balm stick that is applied thinly to the door rubbers and seals does not leave any visible marks and prevents the door seals from freezing to the body for several weeks. Vaseline, milking fat, silicone oil or deer tallow are also suitable as prophylaxis. In the accessories trade there are also special products for a few euros that not only protect the rubbers from freezing, but also keep the material pliable even at the lowest temperatures.

However, these remedies do not help if it is too late and the door is frozen. Opening usually only works with brute force. It is more gentle with a hair dryer, provided the car is not parked too far from the nearest power socket. Alternatively, the use of hot water can help, but this is of little use if the underside of the door seal is frozen. You should also be very careful with it, as hot water on a cold window can lead to sudden tension and thus to cracks.

Special de-icers for door locks

If there are problems with the door lock, special de-icers help, which can be used if raindrops have blocked the lock cylinder overnight - rather superfluous for modern cars with a radio central connection. However, the anti-ice spray is of no use if it is in the trunk and it is also frozen over. It is better to keep a small can in your pocket. It is also useful to keep the inside of the cylinder pliable with oil or graphite. This means that the vehicle can be opened without any problems even after the coldest nights. (SP-X)

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