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The Risk Of Deer Crossing Accidents Increases

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The Risk Of Deer Crossing Accidents Increases
The Risk Of Deer Crossing Accidents Increases

Video: The Risk Of Deer Crossing Accidents Increases

Video: The Risk Of Deer Crossing Accidents Increases
Video: Start Of Deer Mating Season Means Drivers Face Increased Risk Of Striking Animals 2023, June

As autumn approaches, the number of red deer and wild boar accidents is also increasing. Drivers can reduce the risk in advance.

Just in time for harvest time, there is again a heavy movement of game on many roads. Red deer and wild boar, rabbits and foxes can no longer find enough protection in the harvested fields and take refuge in the cover of the forests. Since they often have to cross roads, they endanger themselves and the drivers, reports the ADAC. In autumn, wild animals cavort along many avenues to stock up on chestnuts, acorns or fallen fruit for the winter.

Reduce speed

For drivers, this means driving past forests and fields particularly carefully in the coming weeks, especially at dawn and dusk. As a rule of thumb, where there's a forest, there's a deer.

It is important to reduce your speed and to be ready to brake at all times. Drivers should drive carefully and with foresight, especially on roads with signs for changing animals - but not only there.

Do not touch animals

If a collision with a wild animal does occur, the hazard warning lights must be switched on and the vehicle secured, injured persons treated and the police alerted. The animal that has been hit must never be touched. Foxes could be infected with rabies, suddenly wedging apparently unconscious deer. If you put the dead game in your trunk, you commit hunting poaching and risk confiscation of your car and a fine. In severe cases, a prison sentence of up to five years can be imposed.

In order for the comprehensive insurance to pay, you need a certificate from the police or the hunting tenant. Incidentally, he is obliged to track down a fled, injured animal and to relieve it of its pain. (AG)

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