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Artega GT Electric: 200 Kilometers Guaranteed

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Artega GT Electric: 200 Kilometers Guaranteed
Artega GT Electric: 200 Kilometers Guaranteed

Video: Artega GT Electric: 200 Kilometers Guaranteed

Video: Artega GT Electric: 200 Kilometers Guaranteed
Video: Artega GT - Accelerating Sounds!! 2023, May

Mercedes and Audi have shown the way with the SLS AMG or the R8 e-tron. Even small manufacturers like Artega rely on electrically powered sports cars.

By Thomas Flehmer

Five years ago Artega was founded in Delbrück near Paderborn and has seen few highs, but many lows. With the entry of the Mexican investor Tresalia Capital, including one of the main shareholders of the Modelo brewery, which sells the world-famous Corona beer, the company is sailing in calmer waters after the exit of the previous mother Paragon.

The Artega GT Electric is at 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds

Despite a manageable number of 70 sales per year, the engineers have now implanted two electric motors in the Artega GT. The company is currently presenting the result at the 64th IAA in Frankfurt, the Artega GT Electric. "The electric drive is an excellent match for a sports car," says Chairman Wolfgang Ziebart, "on the one hand, the maximum torque of 600 Newton meters is available from the start, and on the other hand, the energy is recovered through recuperation."

The result is impressive. The electric athlete, who always weighs 1440 kilograms, needs 3.9 seconds to sprint from a standing start to the 100 km / h mark. The two electric motors installed on the respective axles have a total output of over 265 kW / 360 PS. This means that the electric version is 60 hp more powerful than the model with the gasoline engine. But the two electric units are not only good for power, "the distribution on both axles also improves handling, especially in the bends," says the qualified engineer Ziebart.

The Artega GT Electric covers 75 kilometers on the Nordschleife

The 61-year-old, who last October passed the reign of managing director on to former Porsche and BMW manager Peter Müller, who was ten years younger than him, and who switched to the advisory board, is also happy about the adjustable recuperation through adjustable brakes. "This enables a greater range to be achieved."

The Artega GT Electric could achieve a range of up to 280 kilometers. Ziebart guarantees "a range of 200 kilometers in city traffic." Almost four laps could be completed on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring before the car would have to approach the charging station.

Will significantly enrich the market

Ziebart, who previously worked at BMW, Infineon and Continental, sees a growing market for electric sports cars. "Between 10 to 20 percent of all sports cars will soon be electric," says Ziebart, "and we want to do our part because we will significantly enrich the market with the electric vehicle."

But customers also have to dig deep into their pockets for the electric frenzy. While the Artega GT with a combustion engine starts at just under 90,000 euros, the Artega GT Electric available in September 2012 costs "around 150,000 euros," according to Ziebart, "plus VAT." As is well known, this is currently 19 percent, i.e. a premium of 28,500 euros. If additional equipment is added, the number of customers also becomes smaller. But Artega has not yet produced large quantities either - despite the eventful company history.

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