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Kasko Occurs In The Event Of Storm Damage

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Kasko Occurs In The Event Of Storm Damage
Kasko Occurs In The Event Of Storm Damage

Video: Kasko Occurs In The Event Of Storm Damage

Video: Kasko Occurs In The Event Of Storm Damage
Video: Storm Watching 2023, June

If the car is damaged by a January storm, then the comprehensive insurance may pay. However, only if a certain wind strength has been reached.

With the hurricane low “Kyrill” the second heavy storm of the month is sweeping over Germany. If this results in damage to the car, for example from falling objects, the comprehensive insurance may take over.

No-claims discount is retained

According to the Auto Club Europa (ACE), the insurance company is obliged to pay whenever the storm blows with wind force 8 or more. The contact person is then the company with which the insurance was taken out. The no-claims discount is retained despite the claim settlement.

In addition, the ACE advises car owners to take a close look at where the car is parked in view of the strong winds and, if necessary, to move it to a less endangered location. Cars parked in tree-lined avenues could be damaged by falling branches. It is better to avoid driving through narrow forest roads, advises the ACE. The club also considers it risky to park cars in parking spaces near construction sites with facade scaffolding, makeshift roofs and cranes.

Construction sites also harbor risks

The ACE also drew attention to hazards in the area of road construction sites, because beacons, pylons and notice boards whirled up there by the storm could cause serious damage to cars. In the pedestrian zones of cities and municipalities, for example, passers-by are endangered by advertising billboards flying around and plant pots falling over.

"The weather distributes powerful fist blows to drivers and passers-by instead of the usual cross winds," warned an ACE spokesman. When driving over high viaducts there is also the danger that cars and trucks would be pushed off the road by the force of violent gusts. Cyclists and motorcyclists should refrain from tours altogether because of the risk from squalls. (dpa)

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