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Risk Of Congestion By Cyclists

Risk Of Congestion By Cyclists
Risk Of Congestion By Cyclists

Video: Risk Of Congestion By Cyclists

Video: Risk Of Congestion By Cyclists
Video: Why Do So Many Pro Cyclists Have Asthma? 2023, June

There will be no major traffic jams on the weekend of June 19-21. However, cyclists around Cologne, Hamburg and Dortmund could cause bottlenecks on the roads.

The big wave of travel is still a long time coming. On the weekend from June 19 to 21, only excursion traffic and a few holidaymakers from Scandinavia as well as Italy and Croatia will affect the traffic according to the ADAC. On Sunday there could be disabilities because of the environmental protection day “Mobil ohne Auto”, as some federal, state and inner-city roads are closed. In Hamburg, Cologne and Dortmund there are also bicycle rides. The traffic club expects the following disruptions:

 trunk roads to and from the North and Baltic

Seas  A 1 Cologne - Dortmund - Bremen - Lübeck

 A 3 Passau - Nuremberg - Würzburg - Frankfurt - Cologne

 A 5 Basel - Karlsruhe - Frankfurt - Kirchheimer Dreieck

 A 6 Kaiserslautern - Mannheim - Heilbronn - Nuremberg

 A 7 Flensburg - Hamburg

 A 7 Füssen / Reutte - Ulm - Würzburg - Hanover - Hamburg

 A 8 Salzburg - Munich - Stuttgart - Karlsruhe

 A 9 Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin

 A 81 Singen - Stuttgart

 A 93 Kufstein - Inntaldreieck

 A 95 / B 2 Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

 A 96 Lindau - Munich

 A 99 Munich bypass

In neighboring countries too, construction sites in particular cause delays. In Austria, the Arlberg tunnel is also closed until November. Otherwise, the Brenner autobahn in Austria and Italy as well as the Karawankwentunnel and the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland are popular meeting places to “linger”.

Before you start your journey, click on the traffic jam indicator on the Autogazette, which is updated every five minutes and shows the traffic jams on German highways. (AG)

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