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Buying A Car: Five Percent More Discount On The Internet

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Buying A Car: Five Percent More Discount On The Internet
Buying A Car: Five Percent More Discount On The Internet

Video: Buying A Car: Five Percent More Discount On The Internet

Video: Buying A Car: Five Percent More Discount On The Internet
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According to a current ADAC test, car buyers can save around five percent when buying new cars on the Internet compared to dealers. On average, online retailers grant a discount of 16 percent.

The car buying on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because with online brokers, car buyers can save a lot to the dismay of the trade. A current ADAC test shows that car buyers receive an average of five percent more discounts on the Internet than at dealers. Online retailers offer an average price reduction of 16 percent, while retailers offer a discount of a little over eleven percent. The discount index published by the Center Automotive Research (CAR) at the University of Duisburg-Essen even comes with slightly higher discounts on the Internet

The automobile club examined a total of twelve Internet portals according to the aspects of pricing, transparency and user-friendliness and compared the discounts with those of the dealers. The test buyers were interested in a BMW 320d, Fiat MyPanda, Nissan Qashqai, Opel Corsa and VW Golf with a predefined configuration. The offer was compared with that of authorized dealers for the brands in ten major German cities.

Autohaus24 test winner

The online dealer Autohaus24 received top marks. The testers rated it “very good”. For the ADAC testers, the portal was able to shine with an appealing and easy-to-use website, fast service and price reductions, "which were above average for all vehicles with only one exception," said the testers. Eight providers (meinauto.de., Carworld24.de, autodiscountnord.de, carneoo.de, netcar.de, rabatt-auto.de, ecars.de, intercar24.de) were rated “good” by the ADAC, and one was included "Adequate" and two providers had to accept the rating "poor" and "very poor": According to the ADAC, discounts for all vehicles in the test were far below average for the loser "airportcars24.de". In addition, the website was classified as confusing and cumbersome,the service was also rated as not customer-oriented.

The ADAC critically assessed the fact that some Internet portals lured customers with high discounts, which, however, fell sharply during the individual composition of the dream car. At the same time, it was criticized that additional costs for the collection or delivery of the vehicle were due for the new vehicle brokerage.

Many local dealers, faced with the higher discounts offered by online retailers, were ready to make further concessions during the ADAC test. Either in the form of further discounts or in the form of free accessories. The ADAC advises car buyers not to be guided by the price alone, because the test also revealed defects. For example, according to ADAC, the general terms and conditions of all portals had legally ineffective clauses or they were incomplete. (AG / FM)

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