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EU Demands Equal Treatment Of European Customers

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EU Demands Equal Treatment Of European Customers
EU Demands Equal Treatment Of European Customers

Video: EU Demands Equal Treatment Of European Customers

Video: EU Demands Equal Treatment Of European Customers
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In the USA, customers affected by the VW emissions scandal receive compensation of $ 1,000. This is not planned in Europe. But the EU insists on equal treatment.

Brussels wants to continue to work on the VW emissions scandal. At a meeting with Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller on Thursday in Brussels, EU Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska insisted on compensating affected Volkswagen customers in the EU as well as US customers. In the USA, VW customers receive $ 1,000 each consisting of cash and vouchers for VW dealers.

A spokeswoman said after the Brussels meeting that the EU Commissioner had requested details from Müller on how the group intends to resolve the problems that have arisen. In addition, Bienkowska wants clarity about the deviations in CO2 emissions and the fuel consumption of affected cars. According to the EU Commission, Müller assured his cooperation. The VW group initially did not comment on the meeting.

11 million vehicles affected

With the help of software, Volkswagen had enhanced pollutant values in emissions tests on diesel vehicles. The company later admitted irregularities in CO2 measurements. US environmental authorities exposed the scandal last year. Europe's largest automaker is now being sued by the United States; In Germany, the public prosecutor's office investigates, among other things, suspected fraud. There are also civil actions against the group in both countries.

Around eleven million wagons worldwide are affected by the manipulation, in Germany around 2.4 million. According to Volkswagen, the group will begin recalling affected cars in Germany at the end of next week. The European Parliament also wants to draw conclusions from the emissions scandal and has appointed the members of a 45-person committee of inquiry in Strasbourg. He should investigate possible violations of the auto industry against the Union law for emission measurements, as the parliament announced. In addition, the committee should investigate suspected omissions of the EU Commission and the member states.

An interim report should be available within six months, the final report with the final results by the beginning of 2017 at the latest. Members include the German MEPs Rebecca Harms (Greens), Ismail Ertug (SPD) and Sven Schulze (CDU). The committee will convene its first meeting for February and elect the chairman and his deputy. (dpa)

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