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Audi Refreshes A 4 Convertible
Audi Refreshes A 4 Convertible

Video: Audi Refreshes A 4 Convertible

Video: Audi Refreshes A 4 Convertible
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With the new A4 convertible, Audi has noticeably improved its driving fun and dynamism compared to its predecessor. The fresh air pleasure is not exactly cheap.

Stefan Grundhoff

For more than ten years, the Audi Cabrio has been one of the most elegant variations on the road without a roof. In terms of dynamics and driving pleasure, however, the model was usually left behind. The competition was simply fresher and more agile. This is different with the latest edition of the Audi A4 Cabriolet. From the previous Audi 80 model, only the high belt line and the tightly fitting roof were taken over. In the practical test, the four-seater convertible showed hardly any weaknesses, even in the 163 hp entry-level version.

The 1.8 liter engine alone is impressive

The 1.8 liter engine does a good job in the basic version with 120 KW / 163 PS. Despite its modest displacement, the Audi is well on the way and can also convince with the optional Multitronic automatic transmission. 225 Nm are available in a speed range between 1950 and 4700 rpm. The individual gears are automatically adapted to the driving situation. The driver can manually intervene in the shifting processes at any time using a second shift level on the center tunnel or buttons on the steering wheel.

The front-wheel drive car does the 0-100 km / h sprint in 9.5 seconds and missed the factory specification by just 0.2 seconds. The top speed is 219 km / h. The 10.1 liters of super measured over 100 kilometers in the practical test are appropriate in view of the driving performance and a vehicle weight of over 1.6 tons. The factory specification of 8.6 liters was all too ambitious.

Hardly any differences to the larger engine

The difference to the hardly more powerful 2.4 liter engine (170 hp) in the convertible is limited. Alone the sonorous sound of the six-cylinder and the greater pulling power in the upper speed range do not tempt you to switch.

Unfortunately the Audi A4 Cabrio is not yet available with the slightly modified turbo unit from Quattro-GmbH. Here, the engine delivers at least 190 hp and impresses with better performance. But since the Audi convertible has even been available with all-wheel drive since this year as the 1.8 T and S 4, customers' desire for the performance-enhanced turbo engine will not go unheard for long.

Successful vote

The chassis of the Audi A4 is sovereign and well-coordinated. No comparison to its clumsy predecessor, which attracted attention with unpleasant pitching and rolling movements and hardly scored any points in terms of driving dynamics. The new coordination was successful. Pleasantly firm and sporty, but never uncomfortable.

When it comes to agility, the Ingolstadt-based driver is also scratching the two main competitors, the 3-series BMW and Mercedes CLK Cabrio, which are a little more dynamic thanks to their rear-wheel drives.

Cruise control well hidden


The interior has the familiar high-quality Audi styling. Instruments and controls are perfectly placed and can be read very easily both day and night. The operation of the cruise control on its own steering column stalk under the indicator is a nuisance. Something like that belongs on the steering wheel. In addition, the key in the ignition lock protrudes dangerously far into the right knee area. This can be dangerous in the event of an impact.

The electric seats are comfortable and can be precisely adjusted to the height of the occupants. If you want to do something good for your body, you should opt for the optional sports seats (280 euros). They offer excellent lateral support and have an adjustable seat. Annoying that seat heating in the premium convertible class costs 320 euros extra.

The convertible with pearl nappa seats (1,680 euros) looks particularly high-quality. They are easier to care for than fabric seats and it is difficult for convertibles without leather upholstery to resell them. Other useful extras are the navigation system Plus (expensive 2,810 euros), xenon light (750 euros), parking aid (320 euros) and the good Bose sound system (550 euros).

The fabric roof closes fully electrically

The fabric roof looks high-quality and fits perfectly. It can be opened and closed fully electrically in around 23 seconds as standard. It should be a little faster.

On the other hand, there is little annoying wind noise even at higher speeds. After the doors are closed, the side windows move gently upwards and press against the seals. If you are out and about in cool temperatures, you should opt for the wind deflector (290 euros).

Cramped conditions in the rear

The available space has grown significantly. It's comfortable in the front. At most, children can be expected to drive longer on the rear bench. After all, there are now headrests with rollover protection in the rear as standard. Otherwise, the safety equipment of the Audi is complete. Front and side airbags are also standard, as are ABS, ESP and belt tensioners.

In addition, the body and the weak point of the windshield frame have been significantly reinforced. The trunk swallows a maximum of 315 liters - that's enough for a vacation trip to the sunny south.

Handsome price

The costs remain. A premium convertible like the Audi A4 has its price. In the leanly equipped basic version, the Audi A4 Cabrio 1.8 T Multitronic costs 35,000 euros. A handsome price for a basic model. Those who prefer to shift gears pay 32,900 euros with the standard five-speed gearbox.

With the corresponding equipment details, which are common in the convertible class, the price rises slightly above the 43,000 euro mark. On the other hand, the Audi convertibles are considered to be of very stable value.

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